Dear community member, according to our mission statement:

We will pay our employees livable wages, assist with health care, provide paid sick time off, vacation days, and bereavement allowances. We will also provide educational opportunities, meetings, reviews, and regular opportunities for feedback and goal-making for our employees, thus creating and maintaining a sustainable workforce. We will also strive to become integral to our community by donations, events, public support, and by adding to the local economy with unique, sincere, and innovative businesses. Further, we will continue to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint through donation, strategic planning, menu/recipe development, and partnering with sustainable businesses and products.

Community Giving:

If you’re an organization or individual that is looking to receive a donation for your fundraising efforts please fill out the following form and email it to


Donation Request Form


The following non-profit, individuals, and causes received donations from Northern Waters Smokehaus for the month of April:


Merrick Inc

People Serving People

United Way

College of St. Scholastica x PAVSA: Still I Rise

First Witness

The Autism Society of Minnesota

College of St. Scholastica Faculty and Staff

LCA School

One Roof


We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our donation request form – it  helps us with our decision making. We review every application with compassion. Please understand that we give preferential treatment to hunger and housing resources and we very rarely donate to causes affiliated with religion, spirituality, a political party, or particular candidate. We review applications regularly but the more lead time we are given the higher the chances are we will be able to find a way to help you.

Donation Request Form