Corned Bison Shoulder Roast


Our Corned Bison Shoulder Roast makes a wonderfully classic and fulfilling meal for any gathering of humans you call family. Pair this hearty bison with a roasted beet salad or slice it to make Reuben 06 sandwiches.

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Made with North Dakota Bison, we make our Corned Bison Shoulder roast with mustard seed, salt and pickling spices. It sits in brine for about a week before it’s slow roasted for about 6 hours. Make your next family gathering a hearty one with this family-style roast.  This five-pound roast will feed about 10 people, so get your invite list in shape accordingly. For a limited time only, we are including 16oz of our Hausmade lacto-fermented Sauerkraut with all of our Corned Bison Shoulder Roast orders. Our Hausmade Sauerkraut keeps for a month refrigerated.

You may also want to pair with your favorite lager or crisp apple cider.


  • 1 whole Corned Bison Shoulder roast
  • Feeds about 5-10 people, depending on your meal
  • Ships frozen
  • 1 16oz container of Hausmade Sauerkraut


Due to the perishable nature of our specialty, hand-crafted food, we require expedited shipping using UPS Ground or 2-day services. Everything is packed in a lined box with ice to keep the food cold as it arrives on your doorstep. The shipping rate depends on the final destination of the order and ranges from $15-$65. Orders taken Sunday-Tuesday are shipped the day after they are received (pending product availability). We also ship on Thursdays for orders placed Wednesday that are shipped within Minnesota. Please see our FAQ for additional questions on shipping.


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