Dry-Cured Chorizo

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Our Dry-Cured Chorizo starts with buttery Berkshire pork, ancho chile, paprika, cayenne and other spices before it’s cured for 2-3 weeks.

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Smoked paprika and Ancho chili powder contribute to the bold flavor of our Dry-Cured Chorizo. You are sure to love the smoky-sweet blast of flavor in this traditional Spanish-style sausage. We make our chorizo with buttery, meaty, coarse-ground Berkshire pork. Slice it up thin for your next charcuterie appetizer, or pan-sear it with an omelette! We have been known to use it on a hero roll with butter, pepper, provolone & pepperoncini, toasted of course. Consider adding some of our other dry-cured salumi to round out your order: Salamini and Pepperoni.

Dry-Cured Chorizo Details

  • 1 Chorizo (average 1/2lb)*

*CONTAINS PENICILLIN. Due to the nature of the curing process, Chorizo is subject to availability. Your order may take extra time to ship.


Our Salumi products are shelf-stable. Since they do not need refrigeration, when your order includes Salumi only, we’ll ship it to you via UPS Ground for a flat-rate of $16 nationwide. If you add perishable items to your Salumi order, it will default to our UPS 2nd day shipping rate. The shipping rate depends on the final destination of the order and ranges from $18-$65. Orders taken Sunday-Tuesday are shipped the day after they are received (pending product availability). We also ship on Thursdays for orders placed Wednesday that are shipped within Minnesota. Please see our FAQ for additional questions on shipping.

3 reviews for Dry-Cured Chorizo

  1. Eric Marin

    Had this on the Squeely Dan sandwich today, in Duluth, on the way back to the Twin Cities from Lutsen. Delicious! Ended up taking home a sausage to snack on

  2. Robert Repinski

    This is the authentic Spanish-style chorizo and I was thrilled to find it available in Duluth. It was the first ingredient in an awesome paella I made yesterday!
    Also, as a Polish person, I’d like to put in a word for the NW smoked Polish sausage. Seriously, the best I’ve ever had (and I have had A LOT!!)
    Top-notch products!

    • Mary Tennis

      Thanks, Robert – so glad to read you enjoy our products. Feel free to share your paella recipe with us – we are always eager to here about creative uses of our stuff!

  3. Nancy Bata

    I’m addicted to this dried Chorizo! FULL ON ADDICTED!

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