Spring Turning


Winter into Spring. Rolling plains and mountains of fresh dill. How has dill transformed your culinary adventures? This Smoked Salmon with Dill bundle of four will bring your Spring escapades and parties to a sophisticated level. Introducing Spring Turning: 4 scrumptious pieces of Smoked Salmon with Dill.

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Some folks like the variety of the Smoked Salmon Dream Box, and others just love dill. You know who you are. This box includes all dill pieces for the dill-enthusiasts out there. We use only the highest quality boneless Atlantic salmon. We hand-trim each fillet then marinate it, smoke it with maple wood, and package it without the use of artificial colors or preservatives. Our Smoked Salmon with Dill goes very well with simple cheese + crackers, or as the show-stopper to your egg salad, or perhaps the addition to your italian pasta dish.

Spring Turning DETAILS


Due to the perishable nature of our specialty, hand-crafted food, we require expedited shipping using FedEx 2-day services. Everything is packed in a lined box with ice to keep the food cold as it arrives on your doorstep. The shipping rate for all orders is $28.00, unless otherwise stated. We ship orders received by noon CST M-W on the day they are received (pending product availability). We also do this on Thursdays for orders shipped within Minnesota. Please see our FAQ for additional questions on shipping.


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