“Hey Sweetie!”


Let us help you appreciate your sweetie. A little goes a long way. That’s what we’ve learned. Little moments, small gestures grandly received, extraordinary or mundane, they all make up the choreography of your sweet life as two. Send something made slowly, with love and appreciation for the process. Our “Hey, Sweetie” box includes Smoked Lake Superior Lake Trout, Black Pepper & Coriander Smoked Salmon, regional cheese and Croccantini crackers.

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Coming to your aid at work with new windshield wipers during a rainstorm. Agreeing to change up the sleeping situation so sleeping next to the wall is a shared experience. Paying that extra money to go to the Top of the World in Jackson Hole just to have a PBR with an unforgettable view. It’s those times. Hey Sweetie, I appreciate  you! Send your babe a box of lovingly prepared Smoked Lake Superior Lake Trout, Black Pepper & Coriander Smoked Salmon, addicting local cheese and of course the vehicle for it all, the two-bite Croccantini crackers.

Hey Sweetie Details

  • 1 package Smoked Lake Superior Lake Trout (about 3/4 pound)
  • 1/2 pound Smoked Atlantic Salmon with Black Pepper & Coriander
  • 1/2 pound regional cheese
  • 1 box La Panzanella Croccantini crackers
  • 1 Limited edition red on red Smokehaus Tote


Due to the perishable nature of our specialty, hand-crafted food, we require expedited shipping using FedEx 2-3 day services. Everything is packed in a lined box with ice to keep the food cold as it arrives on your doorstep. The shipping rate depends on the final destination of the order and ranges from $18-$60. We ship orders received by noon CST M-W on the day they are received (pending product availability). We also do this on Thursdays for orders shipped within Minnesota. Please see our FAQ for additional questions on shipping.


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