Since 2001, our deli has been in the same place, though our staff has grown almost 10 times larger. We are a tiny, mighty space carved out of what started as a nook in a 100-year-old mattress factory on the banks of Lake Superior.

We try to have fun every day, whether it be in the heart of the February bleakness, under the the mossy seep of March, and headfirst into July’s sparkling catapult. We bump playlists, draw cartoons, hide little plastic animals, and share sandwiches. We are musicians, artists, print-makers, dungeon masters, yurt-builders, thrill-seekers, and nesters. We always find something to talk about with guests and regulars. Some of us are parents, some of us live with our parents, some of us are thousands of miles away from home. We make some of the most delicious food on earth and we serve it to people who know it is some of  the most delicious food on earth. We are lucky.

We invite you to join us anytime. We serve sandwiches and salads, chunks of fresh smoked fish, custom-sliced bacon (and porketta and mortadella and so much more), hand-crafted salami, and Hausmade everything. We deliver, we cater, we serve you here or to go. We pay homage to the heart and soul of deli and we leave room for reinvention and interpretation.