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Yes. With the exception of our dry-cured salumi, all of our products are perishable. Our smoked fish will come labeled with its processed date and information regarding expiration. Your box will also include a yellow slip with information regarding Use and Care. Smoked fish needs to be consumed or frozen within 3 weeks. We generally do not recommend freezing our smoked fish as it negatively affects the texture. Our smoked meats need to be consumed or frozen within 1 week. Our smoked meats freeze well. Because many of our products are perishable, please open your Smokehaus package and refrigerate the contents right away – make the goodness last! We do not replace packages that have been received within a two-day window but have not been then refrigerated or frozen. This is also important for you kind souls who are considering sending a Smokehaus gift – give the lucky recipient a heads up that a delicious, perishable product is in their future.

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