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Summertime in Duluth

Summer came early this year, with amazingly mild weather and early starts for flora and fauna alike. There are plenty of great happenings this year (like every year), and we’ve selected a few for June.

Eric and Lynn, putting some Spring in Duluth's step.

The Park Point Rummage Sale is June 8-9. You’ll find antiques, trashy treasures, gently used clothing, and trinkets galore as you meander down the flowery miles of Duluth’s proudest sand spit. Don’t forget to stop in at the Smokehaus for a sandwich … bargain hunting is a hungry business.

June 15-17 is Grandma’s Marathon, a yearly athletic/social extravaganza that brings people from around the globe to our little strip of Lake Superior. This year, we will be getting in on the action by selling a very special addition of grilled Polish sausage for Marathon Nights, a music, beer, and food festival located right outside our front door! With acts like Eric Koskinen Band, Uptown Boys, and 4 on the Floor, come down to Dewitt-Seitz to chow and boogie!


Sunday, June 17th is Father’s Day, of course, and we’ll be selling plenty of unofficial “Dad Baskets” – smoked Lake Trout, soda crackers, and blue cheese wedges!


Stay tuned for July!

-Hogs and Fishes,



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