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Product Feature: The Fish Basket

I’d like to borrow a little of your time to talk about an underrated item on our menu—the Fish Basket.

The Fish Basket exists in a liminal space between our deli/grocery service and the prepared lunch items side of our operation.

It’s simple in execution—you select a piece (or several pieces) of fish, we put it in a basket with a side of scallion cream cheese, soda crackers (or your choice of crackers for a small additional charge), and an appropriate amount of utensils—but complex in application.

The Fish Basket is perfect for those on a tight schedule.

The reality of our deli during peak season, or even right around lunch time, is that there is going to be some amount of a wait. When you order a fish basket, it is almost always ready to go by the time you reach the register to pay. If you’re craving that Smokehaus fix, but don’t have many moments to spare, think of the Fish Basket.

Maybe you’d just like an appetizer while your group waits for their sandwiches. The Fish Basket is an elegant option that features our flagship product. It’s about as Smokehaus as it gets.

The Fish Basket is perfect for a wide array of budgets and appetites.

I want candy…

The only limit on your Fish Basket is the fish we have available. Our Atlantic salmon slabs sit around a half-pound on average, Lake Superior whitefish baskets are made with a half-whitefish—somewhere between a half-pound and a pound depending on how big those suckers get—and Lake Superior lake trout chunks average about one-third of a pound.

But our candied Alaskan king salmon, Atlantic salmon tails, ciscos, and sockeye sticks come in much smaller weights, and are fair game for Fish Baskets.

You don’t even have to limit your basket to one piece of fish. A chunk of lake trout alongside a small handful of tails and a salmon stick is a quick, easy, and affordable variety basket, perfect for one, but easily adjusted to feed more.

Depending on how you assemble it, a Fish Basket could run you anywhere from $5-30, though they tend to average $10-12.

The Fish Basket will never go out of style.

Whatever reason you’re considering a Fish Basket—saving time, getting a quick snack, impressing your guests, or just trying to steadily try all of our options— the combination of our smoked fish and scallion cream cheese on top of a soda cracker is a winner. It’s sweet and savory, with just the right amount of crunch, and a fundamental flavor combination found throughout our menu.

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