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Product Feature: Natural Wines

If you hadn’t already heard: We have wine, available by the glass or by the bottle (which we can re-cork to take with you). Always seeking to provide you with the highest quality options, we took especial care to bring you a diverse and delicious selection of high-quality natural wines.

Natural wines are those wines produced with grapes grown organically or biodynamically, fermented and transformed into wine without any addition or subtraction of any ingredients. Oftentimes these wines are produced entirely with grapes from a single farm. This method of creation allows biodiversity to thrive within the wine, creating a product that is literally living. They’ve been called the “un-photoshopped” version of wine.

In addition to their complex flavor palettes, and the feeling that you are drinking something closer to a work of art than just a mere beverage, another benefit of this process is the absence of additional sulfites.

Sulfites naturally occur in all wines, as a byproduct of fermentation, but many conventional winemakers use additional sulfites to stop the fermentation process and prevent oxidation—however, adding them is not strictly necessary to the winemaking process. Additional sulfites are an element that can leave folks with headaches, or scratchiness of the throat. As much as one-percent of the population may be allergic to sulfites.

The wines we have come from small wineries, with grapes grown in small regions, produced by winemakers who have dedicated themselves to creating wine in its purest and most traditional form. Most importantly, they taste great.

Our wine list will evolve over time, but let’s take a look at the wines we currently have on-hand at Northern Waters Smokehaus:

Trollinger (both the grape variety, brought to Germany by the Romans, as well as the name of the wine), is produced by Andi Knauss, who is part of a wine collective called La Boutanche.

Trollinger is a versatile table wine that has moderate acidity, with fruity strawberry, cherry, nutmeg, and subtle smoky notes. 

Trollinger pairs especially well with the Cold Turkey, Cedar’s Secret, Hardhat, Big Dipper, and Silence of the Lambwich.

Sold by the glass (BTG) for $7 and by the bottle BTB (1 L) for $42.

Le P’tit Blanc “or Vin Blanc,” literally “white wine,” comes from producer Clos du Tue-Boeuf.

The Loire Valley area of western France, from which this wine comes, was planted in the middle ages, and is revered for its organic, biodynamic and natural winemaking. This white is composed of Sauvignon Blanc grapes with a hint of Chardonnay, and has complex flavors of stone fruit, mineral, and citrus.

Enjoy it with the Phoebe, the Pork Lion, and the Northern Bagel. As a white wine, it pairs very naturally with smoked fish and white meats, such as turkey breast, but offers complex flavors that will bring dimension to any pairing.

$7 BTG / $30 BTB

La Grume, Beaujolais-Villages, or “La Grume” is our red wine, produced by Domaine de la Grume.

This red comes from a tiny winery in central France. The soft and versatile wine is made of 100% Gamay Noir grapes, with a core of blackberry fruit laced with bright cherry and minerality.

Pair this red with The Hardhat, Squealy Dan, or DeWitt-Seitzer, or alongside a charcuterie platter or Salami Basket.

$6 BTG / $23 BTB

Réserve de la Saurine, a rosé by Lauduan Chusclan.

Grown on the gravelly banks of the Ceze River in Southern France, this rosé is made with a blend of Grenache and Cinsault. It is light, crisp and dry with bright crushed berry fruit. 

Try it with our Cajun Finn, Fuzzy Bunny, or Silence of Lambwich.

$5 BTG / $20 BTB

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