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Photoshoots and Meatmodels



October is mildly slow at the Smokehaus, so we spend time regrouping, re-organizing, and creatively spazzing-out like only we Smokehaus lifers know how. Any lack of customer activity will be amply compensated with an unaltered productive pace – demand be damned. Last week, we took some photos  on the eighth floor of the Dewitt Seitz building, where the light is always good, even on grey Autumn afternoons.

Our Berkshire Ham was the supermodel of the afternoon, showing off its jewel-tone pinks and snowy-white fat like Harry Winston diamonds. We shot dozens of pictures before we realized that they ALL were gorgeous (and therefore website appropriate), and forced ourselves to move on to smoked pork loin.



 This week, we plan on giving equal affection to our in-development catering menu, so get ready for some sexy shots of antipasti, cheeseboards, and salumi …



Mary & April

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