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It’s a Spring that we will always remember. This is our current new odd reality. We miss sharing bad (and good) jokes with our customers. We also miss explaining the difference between wet and dry-cured pepperoni or what kippering is.

While some restaurants across Minnesota are beginning to reopen at 50% capacity, for the safety of our staff and customers, our doors remain closed. Our space is simply too small to socially distance responsibly. But good news! We will continue to provide everything our little shop offers through delivery and no-contact pickups outside on our deck.

We are incredibly grateful for the amount of support, encouraging words, and positive feedback we have received from our customers over the last few months.

Our love for food has not faded. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We will pivot and adjust to the challenges that arise. We will continue to ensure that our operations and policies are sustainable while maintaining the highest safety possible.

How to place a pickup? 

You can place it online or you can call us. We recommend placing your order online for the fastest turnaround. 

How do I pay?

If you’re calling to place an order, we will take your payment over the phone. 

Can I tip? 

Yes! Over the phone. Everyone appreciates it. 

How do I know when my order is ready?

We will give you an estimate over the phone. When your order is ready it will be placed in our new no contact pickup zone.

Where do I pickup my order?

Our no contact pickup zone is located on our deck facing the DeWitt-Seitz parking lot. You’ll see a large white tent. Your order will have your name written on the bag. 

7 thoughts on “NO CONTACT PICK-UP ZONE

  1. In viewing the online ordering options, there are very few types of smoked fish listed. Are others beyond those listed available for order and pickup?

    1. Hi, Jerry. We try to make sure everything we make is available to order online for local pickup, but some can be limited and sell out fast. Sorry if we were out of something special. You can always contact us to find out when items are estimated to return. We’re always smoking something. 🙂

      1. Thanks. I will be coming into Duluth the next day or so and will call in the morning to see what you have and place an order.

  2. Sandwiches are amazing as usual, but our 6:30 scheduled pickup didn’t come out until almost 7pm. Frustrating and messed up our evening a bit. Is this normal?

    1. Hello, Mark. Thanks for reaching out. We are very sorry that we weren’t able to get you your order on time. During our busy hours orders can stack up quickly. Since our doors remain closed and there is no physical line out the door or in the deli, it is sometimes difficult to communicate those delays. We do everything we can to make wait times as transparent and realistic as possible and to update customers via email if they’ve placed online orders. If you’d like, please reach out to and we’ll do everything we can to make this right.

  3. Are you still accepting fish for smoking?

    1. Hi, Rob. Give us a call at 218-724-7307 from 11am-3pm and ask to talk to a smoker. Thanks!

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