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Our New Restaurant is Now Open!

We are super proud to announce that our newest baby, Northern Waters Restaurant, is now open for lunch, dinner, and good times! It took us 6 extra months, hundreds of hours, too many dollars, and a ton of heart and soul to open the restaurant – from recipe development to flatware finding to the very best staff-searching – but we are extremely happy with the result.

The restaurant has a unique identity – it offers a multitude of seating choices, has an eclectic menu, and also serves beer and wine. Simultaneously, it stays true to Northern Waters Smokehaus in terms of quality, creativity and its commitment to take care of its employees.

Menu favorites (yes, there already are a few) are the pork tacos (with scratch-made corn tortillas), The Iowa (a pounded, breaded pork tenderloin sandwich), and the almighty chowder (who knew such a traditionally mellow soup could be so arousing?). Lunch time is just as fast-paced as our deli in Canal Park, with a brand new selection of upscale sandwiches and salads served fresh and fast, but the added feature of our Bar Royale Menu, which features more warm options (including some mighty fine wings).

The staff is comprised of a good mixture of brand-newbies and veterans, all eager to learn our innovative approach to food and share it with the Minnesota (and beyond) food community. We are particularly proud of these hard-working people: it’s a challenge to open a restaurant, especially one as unique as ours. The fact that they have gone out on a collective limb with us is particularly poignant in terms of our non-tipping policy – we’ve had some criticism (not to mention skepticism) over this issue, and these folks are on the front lines.

So, if you’re in the area, come by and see us. We’re the place on the left with the fishy wallpaper and Elvis Costello soundtrack, right next to the dry cleaner’s.














The Northern Waters Restaurant mascot




4 thoughts on “Our New Restaurant is Now Open!

  1. I always appreciated the awesome food at the canal location…but I’ve been to the new locale twice so far…& each time the food and service exceeded my expectations!!! How’s that possible???
    I had the chowda, and the brat!
    Wowsers. Delish. So proud of all you’ve done! Very cool.
    Excellent on all fronts… Down to the “fish wall’!! LOVELOVELOVE it.

    1. Bonnie, thanks so much for the vote of confidence – it means a lot to us. We spent several months developing both of those recipes – and your feedback lets us know our hard work has paid off! We can’t take too much credit for the Fish Wall, though – that was the terrific local artist Kirsten Aune!

  2. I am reading this site over and over… where is the address of your new restaurant… right next to the dry cleaners?
    really ? where?

    1. The address to our new restaurant is 1608 Woodland Avenue. It’s located in the Mount Royal Shopping Center.
      Sorry for taking so long to respond!
      If you have any questions for them, their number is (218) 249-1957

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