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What did we do n our summer vacation? A whole lot of smoking, curing, cooking, and serving … with enough room for pleasure.
We’ve been blessed with a beautiful, blissful, and extremely busy summer … and we owe a lot of it to the Duluth weather gods, but also to you.
Northern Waters Smokehaus has added many new staff members, lost a few (to the wilds of Alaska, the hipster-sway of Portland, and the ever-present tug of Minneapolis haute cuisine) – but we remain faithfully the same old Smokehaus we’ve always been: hungry, exuberant, curious, and earnest.
 hula hoop Smokehaus party

As our Smokehaus family continues to grow, so does our food knowledge and desire for more flavors, products, and service, so we’ve been spending some time in the basement, developing new recipes and refining some old favorites. Stay tuned for recipes and hints; for now here are a few images that conjure fragments of what was a remarkable summer.

beer fridge; Northern Waters Smokehaus 

Thanks, everybody. Sincerely.
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