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Fish Week – Chowder Recipe

Northern Waters Restaurant presents Fish Week: Lake Superior Fish Chowder Recipe



When Owner Eric Goerdt was building the menu for NWR he knew a really good fish chowder recipe was in order. Being purveyors of fish meant the chowder recipe needed to surpass a few expectations to make the cut. Our guidelines were pretty straightforward.

  1. It had to be a classic fish chowder.
  2. It had to be very flavorful without being too thick.
  3. It had to represent Lake Superior fish and the region we live in.
  4. It would have to be available everyday for all to love and enjoy.

Using the many years of experience we had under our belt and a little trial and error the NWR crew finalized a chowder recipe that is the offering you see on our menu. Dig in!


The Fumet

Every good soup (or in this case, chowder recipe) starts with an excellent broth. Making fumet in-Haus is something we’re extremely proud of. Lake Superior provides fresh fish year round and we couldn’t be luckier to have this resource at our fingertips. When making fumet, our kitchen fills up with an intoxicating aroma that reminds us why we put so much time and effort into what we love. This broth allows our chowder recipe to be extremely flavorful without the chowder becoming too thick.

Herring Roe

We make our roe once a year in the fall from Lake Superior herring. The process is as beautiful as it is labor intensive, and if you have ever made it yourself you know how magical adding the salt can be. Our herring roe is the perfect way to finish off our chowder.

Our chowder embodies a full representation of Lake Superior. From the Lake trout used to make the fumet, the pieces of whitefish and lake trout in the chowder, and the Herring roe used to finish it off. We hope you enjoy our chowder and the relationship it fosters with our region.

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  1. I could eat your chowder every day and be happy.

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