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Fish Week – Atlantic Salmon

Today’s fish week post is going to highlight our Atlantic Salmon provider and describe a few dishes True North Atlantic Salmon is in.

A good finished product starts with an even better raw product. We are committed to serving high quality, sustainable, and ethically sound Atlantic salmon in our restaurant. Here is what our supplier ‘True North’ has to say about their product and practice.

“The True North Salmon Company has been providing fresh, naturally-raised, farmed Atlantic salmon to the U.S. and Canada for over 30 years. Our family-run company is the largest producer of fresh Atlantic salmon in North America, and we are a premier supplier of certified sustainable Atlantic salmon to leading supermarkets and restaurants across North America.

Our commitment to providing nutritious, sustainable salmon has led to constant improvement for our salmon, our environment and our communities, for which we have won numerous awards. 

Our Atlantic salmon is of the highest quality and we’re very proud to offer 3-star salmon from our own BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certified facilities! Today, we continue to lead the way by partnering with world-renowned university scientists to incorporate groundbreaking Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) systems into our operations. IMTA creates balanced eco-systems by growing mussels and seaweed alongside the salmon.”

What is BAP and why do we buy from BAP certified suppliers?

  • BAP standards encompass the entire aquaculture production chain, including farms, processing plants, hatcheries and feed mills.
  • All standards address every key element of responsible aquaculture, including environmental responsibility, social responsibility, food safety, animal welfare and traceability.
  • The seafood processing plant standards are benchmarked against the latest Global Food Safety Initiative food-safety requirements.
  • A market development team actively promotes the BAP program to retailers and foodservice operators worldwide on behalf of BAP-certified facilities.

Lets dig a little deeper on farmed fish.

Atlantic salmon does not exist in the wild (or enough for commercial fishing interests on the Eastern seaboard, anyway), our Atlantic salmon is always farm-raised salmon. Farmed fish is a crucial aspect of our food supply because the consumption of fish has surpassed the supply of wild fish. There just isn’t enough wild fish to go around. One issue about farmed fish is the abundance of misinformation published on fish farms. Yes, unfortunately there are farms not practicing sustainable farming and treating workers/communities unfairly, but this isn’t the case for all farms,  and we’ve been on the lookout for sustainable farms for years.

We have dedicated so much time researching and supporting the environmentally and socially responsible farms like True North. It’s ingrained in our business model. Not only do we feel good about the product we serve, but the quality of the fish is overwhelming. We love our BAP certified Salmon!


Read about the five key areas that True North uses to measure sustainability here.


Featured Dishes


The Salmon Empire

East goes West, then heads North for this Japanese-inspired dish. BAP certified Atlantic Salmon is pan-seared and served with savory coconut rice and a lightly dressed wakame salad. Topped with crispy match-stick radishes and scallions. Fresh!


Salmon Satay

Strips of BAP certified Atlantic Salmon, soy, sambal, ginger and almonds. On a stick. Served with coconut rice and Haus slaw.


If your interested in learning more about our salmon supplier please visit True North’s website. They have a ton of interesting information to dig through!



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