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A day in the life of a Deli extraordinaire

Meet our outdoor enthusiast, effortlessly stylistic skater & photographer, Lloyd Fischer. Lloyd is a sandwich slayer and customer service sweetheart.
Greeting tourists, locals, and customers with a smile and attentiveness, he’s been kind enough to share his skills with us at Northern Waters Smokehaus.

As a summer and outdoor lover, Lloyd takes multiple camping trips a season. On a recent interview with the local website Duluth Loves Local, Lloyd expressed how “exploring the geographical beauty of the Twin Ports region” inspires and happens to be a favorite activity of his.

It’s hard not to take advantage of our geographical location. Creating by the vast Lake Superior and the closeness of the north woods, camping and beach bumming seems like one of the most appropriate activities to do.

We asked Lloyd what he takes when he goes on his BWCA adventures and it turn out he packs a little bit of everything.
In order to portage and hike the beautiful scenery of the BWCA grounds, he brings thinly sliced Maple-Sage Smoked Turkey for some sandwich fixings. He also packs our dry-cured Salumi (Saucisson & Salamini) for the perfect snacks. Our dry-cured Salumi is shelf-stable and it does not need to be refrigerated which makes it the perfect camping & hiking snack.

Catch Lloyd in the shop or maybe in the streets. He’s usually out skating around the downtown area, and check out his interpretation of our smoked Atlantic salmon with dill and saucisson sec below.

Happy camping & happy summer!

a piece of smoked salmon coated in dill on an Epicurean cutting board              saucisson sec from northern waters smokehaus on an Epicurean cutting board

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