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The Cajun Finn Scavenger Hunt

We’ve been selling smoked fish, meats, salumi, and sandwiches out of our little DeWitt Seitz location for so long that some regulars call us an institution (thanks, y’all). However, our company was actually founded in 1998 on separate banks of Lake Superior almost single-handedly by co-owner Eric Goerdt.

For the month of July we will be doing a Duluth-wide (within our delivery range) Scavenger Hunt.
Every week in July we will be giving out 5 CLUES (for a total of 20 clues). Each clue will guide you to a CAJUN FINN magnet. You will be able to redeem the Cajun Finn magnet for a FREE Cajun Finn sandwich in-store (or another sandwich of your choice).

FIRST WEEK: Outdoor Adventure

Day 1: To cross I-35 on foot or bike, or to find your ticket to a free Smokehaus Sandwich, follow this path, nearby the harbor and some rail road tracks.  Found by Brian.

SECOND WEEK: Tourist Trap!

THIRD WEEK: Friends of the Smokehaus



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