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5 Ways The Smokehaus is Homegroaning

Homegrown Music Festival is a special time of year for Duluth, it’s like a yearly ritual where locals can party away seasonal depression and put the bitter cold behind us. Here are 5 ways the Smokehaus celebrates during Homegrown.

Amy Hazel (Performing with Secret Badass) by K.Prazlowicz



1 – Officially with music – The Smokehaus is full of folks who play music, so naturally we’ve got a pretty good representation in the Homegrown lineup! Here’s a list of the fine humans playing the festival, and the projects they play in

Brian Ring – Lion or Gazelle, Amy HZL

Amy Hazel – Secret Badass, Amy HZL

Cedar – Moondogs

Pete Biasi – RAW SPACE, The Ball Slashers

Jacob Swanson – Rick McLean, Heaven’s Gate Away Team

Ned Netzel – Prone, Àlamode, Yester

Jeremy Ehlert – Red Mountain

Kate Harrison – Homegrown Poetry Showcase

Greg Cougar Conley – Amy Abts


2- Unofficially with music – Since there’s so much fun to be had this time of year, Homegrown is just not enough to contain our needs and  satisfy the masses. This is why several of our musicians are playing music during Homegrown, but not as part of the fest.



Greg Cougar Conley – Wino WI (Unofficial show at Red Herring Lounge)

Pete Biasi & Jeremy Ehlert – Low Forms (Soup Before Supe)










3 – With Food – The Smokehaus had a pop-up at Hoops Brewing for the Mayor’s proclamation and to make sure everyone had a good base before the festival started. We had a great time kicking off the fest! We’ll be there on Friday, May 4th as well with Polish 

and German Brats. Come and get it!








4 – With Art – Beyond music, the Smokehaus is filled with visual artists as well as Pøve Collective co-owners Taylor Kline and Flo Matamoros. The Prøve Collective is now showing “The 20th Anniversary Homegrown Illustration Show” which features twenty different artist-rendered caricatures, depicting the region’s cultural luminaries dressed as the Homegrown Chicken mascot. The show will be up until May 18th, so stop in and check it out!









5 – With attendance! While we’ve got Smokehausers playing a lot music, there’s also plenty of us who like to make it out to as many shows as we can.It’s a long week but we’ve got several seasoned professionals who manage to make it out every night and even make it to work throughout the week!

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5 things: Travel Channel Edition

The Travel Channel stopped by our Smokehaus this week and we had a blast hosting them! If you followed our live streams and Instagram stories, you already got to see all the glitz and glamour, but here’s a quick recap.

5 things – Travel Channel Edition

#1 Sandwiches – The Travel Channel chose 3 sandwiches to play a starring role in the production. The doughy divas that made the cut are: The Silence of the Lambwich, the Italiensk and (of course) the Cajun Finn! We just can’t contain the magic of the Finn!

travel channel northern waters smokehaus

travel channel northern waters smokehaus

#2 Space – Have you seen our shop? IT’S TINY! But there’s even less room with a TV crew, lights and cameras. We made it through without any major injuries or breaking their equipment, so we’ll call it a win!

travel channel northern waters smokehaus

travel channel northern waters smokehaus

#3 I’ll be waiting in my trailer – Smoking extrordinaire Nick Cleary and master sandwich architect Leif Hinkel put on their TV faces and gave the Travel Channel the inside scoop of what goes into our Cajun Finn. Both of them were pretty cool cucumbers with all the lights and cameras!

travel channel northern waters smokehaus

travel channel northern waters smokehaus

travel channel northern waters smokehaus

#4 Customer Stars – Employees weren’t the only stars for the day. Many of our patrons stopped in and some were interviewed about what they love about our food. It was flattering to hear so many nice things 💗💗💗

travel channel northern waters smokehaus

#5 NEWS NEWS NEWS – The Travel Channel weren’t the only ones who graced our little shop. WDIO and Fox 21 reported on the event. What a day! Keep following our journey and we’ll keep you posted on when our episode will air this summer.

travel channel northern waters smokehaus