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It’s a Spring that we will always remember. This is our current new odd reality. We miss sharing bad (and good) jokes with our customers. We also miss explaining the difference between wet and dry-cured pepperoni or what kippering is.

While some restaurants across Minnesota are beginning to reopen at 50% capacity, for the safety of our staff and customers, our doors remain closed. Our space is simply too small to socially distance responsibly. But good news! We will continue to provide everything our little shop offers through delivery and no-contact pickups outside on our deck.

We are incredibly grateful for the amount of support, encouraging words, and positive feedback we have received from our customers over the last few months.

Our love for food has not faded. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We will pivot and adjust to the challenges that arise. We will continue to ensure that our operations and policies are sustainable while maintaining the highest safety possible.

How to place a pickup? 

You can place it online or you can call us. We recommend placing your order online for the fastest turnaround. 

How do I pay?

If you’re calling to place an order, we will take your payment over the phone. 

Can I tip? 

Yes! Over the phone. Everyone appreciates it. 

How do I know when my order is ready?

We will give you an estimate over the phone. When your order is ready it will be placed in our new no contact pickup zone.

Where do I pickup my order?

Our no contact pickup zone is located on our deck facing the DeWitt-Seitz parking lot. You’ll see a large white tent. Your order will have your name written on the bag. 

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Corned Bison with Roasted Beet Salad

Reheat Smokehaus corned bison:

Preheat your oven to 275 degrees F.

In deep roasting pan, place corned bison

Fill with water until the corned beef is submerged.

Cover and place the pan in the oven.

Check every 45 minutes to see if liquid needs replenishing and use a thermometer to temp the corned bison. 

Continue this process until internal temp reaches 165.

After the appropriate amount of time has passed, pull pan out and allow to cool for 20 minutes.

After cooling time has passed, pull corned beef out of pan to carve. Remember to always carve against the grain. Cut into 1/8th – 1/4 inch slices.

Roasting the beets:

4 beets (either red or golden)

4 Tablespoons of olive oil 

Salt and black pepper

Heavy duty tinfoil.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Scrub beets under water and trim off any tops.

In a large bowl, toss all four beets with 4 tablespoons of olive oil and season with salt and pepper. 

Individually wrap seasoned beet in tinfoil. 

Place all four wrapped beets directly on the oven rack.

Roast for 60 minutes. 

Unwrap beets and poke with a knife to check tenderness. If the knife does not cut with ease, place the beets back in the oven for another 10 minutes. 

Once knife tender, unwrap all four beets and let cool for 20-30 minutes. Next use a paper town to scrub off the skins of the beets.

Cut beets into wedges and set aside.


4 oz container of arugula

4 oz container of spinach.

2 T maple syrup (we prefer Simple Gifts maple syrup, harvested in Duluth by Dave Rogotzke.)

2 ounces of aged sheep’s milk cheese, shaved thin. We prefer Friesago from Shepherd’s Way Farm (sold in shop)

In a large bowl, combine arugula, spinach, roasted beets, and cheese. Toss and drizzle with maple syrup. 

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Smoked Fish Gift Guide 2019

Gift-giving season is upon us. Here’s our quick-and-easy Smoked Fish gifting guide, based on our best-selling items, and rough portraits of your gift’s recipient. It’s hard to go wrong with our smoked meats and fish, but with this guide, it’ll be near-impossible to miss your mark.

For the one who’s always entertaining.

All-Season Fillet.

One full fillet of Smoked Atlantic Salmon, featuring our Traditional (just brown sugar—the basis for all the rest), Cajun, Dill, and Black Pepper & Coriander preparations. Something for everyone.

This Smokehaus classic is a glorious centerpiece for any hors d’ouevres table: simple, beautiful, elegant, inviting of numerous questions (“what are these seasonings?”), and, as such, the perfect ice-breaker.

For the Locavore.

lake superior bounty box

Lake Superior Bounty Box.

One buttery Smoked Lake Superior Whitefish and two fillets of Smoked Lake Superior Lake Trout. The taste of the greatest Great Lake, with a kiss of brown sugar, and a bear hug of smoke.

This gift box is equally aimed at those looking to share the taste of their home on the Superior shore, and those who are homesick for those flavors.

For the one who wants “a little bit of everything.”

A Land & Two Seas.

A link of dry-cured salumi (selection varies) made with Minnesota pork, and a fillet each of Smoked Lake Trout from the cold depths of Mother Superior, and Smoked Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon caught by local angler Dave Rogotzke.

Pair with cheese, crackers and your favorite jams and spreads for the ultimate charcuterie board, or steadily snack over the next handful of weeks. This gift box plays both games effectively.

For the minimalist.

Smoked Atlantic Salmon Fillet.

A lot like the All-Season Fillet, minus all the fussy seasonings. Let the sweet smokiness of our Traditional Atlantic Salmon be your guide, and hold the reins of your own flavor destiny. Express yourself, and let your guests do the same, with your favorite pairings, be they wine, honey, preserves or fresh berries. Serve on crackers, or eat it on its own. Either way, it’s going to taste great.

For the sandwich lover.

Cajun Finn Sandwich Kit.

Save the cakes and pies for those with a sweet tooth, and send your favorite sandwich-lover a sandwich kit based on our all-time top-performing sandwich, The Cajun Finn.

Each kit features enough Smoked Cajun-seasoned Atlantic Salmon and Hausmade Scallion Cream Cheese for the sandwiches and some leftovers, pepperoncinis, roasted red peppers, mixed greens, and par-baked stirato rolls from Tribeca Ovens. The kits are available in two- and four-sandwich sizes, come with a free NWS tote bag, and are price-adjusted for FREE SHIPPING!

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How to Score Salmon

So, you’ve got yourself a beautiful fillet of smoked salmon, and your guests are scheduled to arrive soon. What next? Time to score that salmon! Here’s a simple way to get the perfect bite-sized portions.

With a serrated knife, cut horizontally along the side of the salmon fillet.

With a serrated knife, cut vertically from top to bottom of the fillet.

Garnish salmon fillet with herb, citrus, & crackers.