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An Important Announcement About the Future of Northern Waters Smokehaus

Over the past year, we at Northern Waters Smokehaus have taken a serious look at our history and our present business model, as a way to plan for our future success.

At the beginning, we were just a small smoked fish shop somewhere in Superior, WI. After a great deal of hand-wringing, Eric gave in and came up with a few new options to satiate the customers who craved something more. Eventually the demand for something new built up again and Eric yielded, as he did again and again, and finally arrived at something beginning to look like the diverse lineup of products we offer. Frankly, it has gotten out of hand.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, we will still be offering a wide assortment of smoked fish & meats, cheese, olives, etc.

Sandwiches were originally just a marketing ploy. A chunk of baguette, cut and butter-spackled, is a perfect vessel upon which to sample out a few slices of saucisson sec. But, as the old saying goes, if you give a customer a sample sandwich, they’re going to want a sandwich menu.

And just like the smoked meats, the demand grew and grew, and so did the menu.

Offering a dazzlingly wide variety of options on our sandwich menu eventually became a point of pride. Silly protein-related puns turned into top-down designs of new sandwiches. Sometimes an employee would slap together a few random ingredients, obsess about it, start calling it a particular name over and over until it forcibly caught on. Sandwiches even came to folks in dreams, which is a sentence I never imagined I’d be able to write in a professional setting.

So we put them on the menu, gave them glorious painstakingly crafted signage, memorized how to make them, recommended them and observed people’s reactions to the clever names…then sighed as they ordered—yet again—the Cajun Finn sandwich.

cajun finn

The Cajun Finn: Scallion cream cheese, cajun-seasoned smoked Atlantic salmon, pepperoncinis, roasted red peppers, and lettuce on a ciabatta roll. Sure, it’s good. It may even be great. Heck, it’s probably exceptional. But every time?

In its nearly two decades of existence, the Cajun Finn has earned a cult-like following, and has become nearly synonymous with the name Northern Waters Smokehaus.

We’ve listened to the people, and are giving them what they want. So, without further ado, effective today, we are truncating our sandwich menu, and only offering the Cajun Finn. In the wise words of one employee, “choice is really just a burden.”

This is it.

Gone are the days of struggling to find a spot on the sandwich line to make a Hedonist, a Sitka Sushi, or a Northern Bagel. Gone are the days of the right-hand sandwich maker joking, “time to ride ‘the Finn Train,'” because, from here on out, it’s all Finn Train all day.

Our updated sandwich menu

We hope to see you soon for a sandwich. Try the Cajun Finn! It’s the only option.

15 thoughts on “An Important Announcement About the Future of Northern Waters Smokehaus

  1. HA! That was really funny!

  2. You had me for a second.

  3. Sad in my one trip to Duluth in 2016 which was short, the lines were too long to get a chance to enjoy all your special prepared meal options. I do as Administrator of Kansas City Foodies appreciate the need to step back and reevaluate your business strategies…..

    1. GOTCHA! Happy April Fools!

  4. Let’s open a Northern waters smokehouse in Portland Oregon! I miss the Sitka sushi so much. I swear sometimes it’s the only reason I go home to Minnesota. Shhh don’t tell my family that.

  5. Excellent!

  6. Wow! Such Success, I hate to see you Downgrade the menu options as I Loved Everything you guys Ever Offered. But you have to do what you have to do. If anything you inspired myself and I’m sure others as well to pick up and run with smoking Creations that our Taste Buds Desire. Good Luck with all your Future Endeavours.

  7. This is sooo disappointing! One of the very few places in Duluth to get a good sandwich, and now there are no options. I hope you reconsider.

    1. We appreciate your love of our sandwiches and think you’re right.
      P.s. APRIL FOOLS!

  8. I think it was creative and clever that you had been using Buddig processed meats on the other sandwiches for the past several years…I kind of got to like it!

    1. LOL! We will keep this one in the back of our heads for April Fool’s next year!

  9. Awesome!
    Happy April 1st!
    PS – All restaurant owners out there secretly wish we could do this!

  10. WOW! Really! April Fools!! I did not even think of that. I hope April Fools for Real. Because I would rather be the fool than without my go to Corned Beef Sandwich… Good one if you are fooling… You Bastards.. LOL. Very Clever. 🙂

  11. […] Monday, April 1st, we cut our menu down to just the Cajun Finn. It is our most popular sandwich by a wide margin, so we figured we’d do everyone a favor and […]

  12. As my friend Lirpa Loof commented, “at least it’s my favorite sandwich.”

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