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5 Things Volume 6

5 Things Volume 6

Fish, meat, bread, boxes – yes, these are just some of the staples of the Smokehaus. While we churn through a lot of sandwiches, shipments, spices and slices, we’re still inspired and we’re endlessly proud to hold ourselves to high standards in tradition, quality and uniqueness.  Here’s 5 things that happened this week!

#1. A batch (a catch?) of wild-caught Alaskan King Salmon made its way to the smoker. If you’re on our website looking to get these choice chunks shipped right to your doorstep, check out The Royal Pound. The fish is caught by local fisherman Dave Rogotzke. Read more about these salmon over on Dave’s website. Don’t you love the color of the fish??

wild king salmon

#2. We’re catering a wedding this Saturday! Lots of prep has been taking place, including these miniature meatballs rolled by TK one by one.. by one.. by one… until  you get to 300. These meatballs are being made for a soup – fun, right? Plus, crostini! I personally never met a crostini I didn’t like. Jerry and Addison sliced these one by one.. by one.. by one… until you get to 400? 450? Lots. Just lots.


#3. We received our order of new boxes for Mail Order. We’re in the process of changing insulation from styrofoam to a more earth-friendly box liner (it’s biodegradable, and compostable), and have had to adjust our box sizes a little bit. Our new small box now has our logo printed on it again! New font (we love fonts around here), and the adorable fish bundle has become the official logo of our Mail Order business. Pretty cute for a box, no?

mail order box

#3. This week down in the shop, we’ve had King Collars for sale. These can look intimidating to some, but to others they are pure magic. Buttery, flakey, and full of Omega-3s, you need to set your palate for adventure, and get on down to the Smokehaus while supplies last. ($19.99/lb) They’re smoked! Of course.

king salmon collars

#5. We ran out of our truly popular pepperoni earlier this week. It happens when you are making everything by hand. But rest assured, that salami case will be chock-full again soon. Check back with us in a couple weeks for a freshly harvested batch of dry-cured pepperoni. And in the meantime, the chorizo is just killer right now.


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