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5 things – Volume 13

A lull in the shop and mega planning for mail order – that sort of sums up the balance of our Smokehaus right now. With down time, we create, innovate, catch up, find ways to be more efficient and profitable and look for opportunities to partner. With gearing up for Mail Order season, the basement is running hot on production of smoked meats, and the packaging inventory is filling up every nook and cranny of our tiny space! Let’s take a look:

#1. We partner.

TONIGHT Y’ALL – we partner with Hoops Brewing, pop-up restaurant style. Come on down, enjoy your favorite Hoops pint and grab some Smokehaus grub to round out the evening. We’ll be there starting 4pm until the food runs out! Think: our Friday special pulled pork, our own German Brat w/ Hausmade sauerkraut and our famous Bison Buddies – you know you want it all.

hoops smokehaus pop up

#2. We innovate.

On Sunday, the Smokehaus deli kids came to together for our annual SANDWICH LAB. It’s a time full of creativity, new ingredient pairings for new sandwiches, looking at old sandwiches to see which ones have come to their demise, and yes, judging of the newbie sandwiches to see whose master creation will make it onto the sandwich board as a regular offering. We can’t tell you the winners yet, but we’ll keep you posted. You WILL want to try these newbies when they’re ready for prime-time.

smokehaus sandwich lab

#3. We gear up.

We ordered all of the food-grade reusable ice packs that we’ll need for Mail Order’s holiday season. And that amounts to a mere 9,000 pounds. That’s all, no biggie.

smokehaus ice wall

#4. We reach out with newsworthy tidbits to see who bites.

We made it into City Pages! We’ve been looking for ways to extend our message out to the masses that our best selling sandwich of all time, the Cajun Finn, is now available as a kit via Mail Order. We know it’s a niche thing, we get it, but if you have a special occasion, a hankering for that mix of Smokehaus Smoked Cajun Salmon, cinis, reds, and scallion cream cheese, you know where to find it. Ships 2-day to your doorstep. (1-day to most Minnesota addresses)

city pages cajun finn

#5. And we might be Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal…. if you VOTE for US.

We appreciate being included in this year’s The Growler Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Awards! We’re up for Best Deli! Take a few minutes to cast a vote, and let’s cross our fingers. Thanks for the inclusion!

Vote Now

kind-of-a-big-deal awards

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