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5 Things… It starts with just 5 things.

Well, another fantastic week has passed on once again. We at NW Smokehaus and NW Restaurant have been taking in the lessened business that seems to come with November in stride. Trying to rally for the inevitable lashing that seems to come with December is old hat to some, and fresh fresh for others… But, you know, it starts with just 5 things.  It always starts with just 5 things…

#1.    PIIIIIIIGS IIIIIIIIINNNN SPAAAAAAAACE: You know, you leave something up to the creative types and sometimes they really deliver. Our friends Anne Marie and Flo came up with a cute and concise offer; for a mere $125 dollars in purchase (and for a mere  24 hours) you could receive FREE shipping… Who doesn’t love getting something for free? The answer is: not very many people; IE we had a lot of people take us up on the offer. Making space for all (even pigs) is about as inclusive as you can get, and The Smokehaus is all about inclusivity.

pigs in space

#2.  YOU SHOULD TOTES GET ONE OF OUR TOTES: Screaming deals are the name of the game this December, and why should the deli be any different from any of our other departments? For a limited time if you stop by our deli and spend $100, you will receive one of our beautiful canvas bags for free. They don’t just hold Smokehaus food either! Oh no, they can hold a LOT of other stuff. Too much stuff to get into here, but you get the drift. Although, if you have any questions about what you can stuff into the bag, just give us a call and ask for Smokehaus General Manager Mary. She will be happy to direct you.

mother's day gb1


#3.  RESTAURANT SELECTOR: Ok, so as not to be outdone by her older sister The Smokehaus,  Northern Waters Restaurant is now offering a free $20 gift card when you purchase $100 in gift cards. These gift cards are good at either location, offering a much different but equally enjoyable experience at either place, AKA the best of both worlds. So, basically you get gifts for the people you love and also give a gift to yourself. Self love is an important concept, so take care of yourselves my little beauties!

#4.  IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE WINTER… VILLAGE: Our presence at last year’s Winter Village on the grounds of Glensheen Mansion caused quite a stir! You really just never know where we will pop up. But, we always pop up when people really need us, and those moments shopping for holiday gifts that can seem incredibly daunting are when we shine. In the spirit of that, we will be cutening up our little cabin by the lake again at this year’s event (this Saturday and Sunday) and offering you the ease of buying gifts that you know will be a hit. And there’s no shortage of other great vendors selling, including our friends and partners at Lake Superior Bakehouse (think sweet treats for your holiday). There’s also alcohol and food being served all day long, so no excuse for losing your momentum!


#5. PHOTO REDUX MANIA!!!!!!!: As you might remember, about a month ago we tasked Smokehaus creatives Flo and Stephen (and a late-in-the-game assist by Jacob) with a complete overhaul of the photos on our website. It was a huge undertaking, but one that we knew they were up to. The results exceeded our expectations a hundred-fold, and what we are now looking at every time we open the page makes our hearts sing! We feel as though our food is elegant in it’s preparation and beauty, and we finally have images that match those qualities. We could not be happier with the end product. Check us out at for the long lasting food love that these pictures so effortlessly convey.

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