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5 Things: June 7th, 2019

Northern Waters Smokehaus is always evolving.

There are new faces in several departments and more to come in the near future, but there is also a bunch of new hardware. Coolers break down, and cases run out of space. Replacing and upgrading equipment happens more often than you’d expect.

This week’s deli overhaul was a big one, but quite smoothly. The two changes that might catch your eye are the beverage cooler and the fish case. Both are bigger, and in your line of sight when you enter the deli.

The fish case is now a replica of our smoked meat case, which we held onto from the NWR days. Lately, our fish case has been packed to the brim—with candied king salmon and smoked salmon sticks becoming NWS mainstays—almost to our detriment. Cramming a bunch of items in a small space and having to decide which things we stock does our product a disservice. Now that we have a bigger case, there should be no need to wonder whether there are All-Season Filets or Baby Tails. There is room for it all.

The beverage cooler will now need room for our array of soft drinks, as well as beer and wine (*cough* we’ve already got Hoops Brewing beer in-stock and more on its way *cough*). In addition to replacing our old beverage cooler with a taller one, we also swapped out our secret deli freezer for another cooler, to hold back stock of beverages. Fortunately, the freezer has a place in our third floor office.

And finally, my favorite piece of repurposed gear—a cooler that stopped cooling and became extra dry-storage, but needed to stay because it’s our expo station—is now a fully-functional cooler/expo station.

On the aesthetic front, we have new, larger, green and red respectively “Enter” and “Exit” signs (Summer lines! We are prepared for ye this time!) and Flo is painting a mural on our side of the hallway to the elevator. It was a drab hallway, though exceptional at its purpose—leading us to the elevator and service staircase—and in need of some love. Flo has been coming in at 6 a.m. every day to catch as many hours of empty hallway as possible, because Flo is amazing (and the illustrative voice of NWS). The mural—which features at least four very pleasant colors, and whimsical pigs and fish—will be hard to miss and easy to enjoy. I’m personally quite excited to observe the process each morning I come in to work.

We launched another Sandwich Lab special this week. The Sebu-Chan features our scallion cream cheese and buttery Atlantic salmon gravlax on a hausmade ciabatta roll. That alone would make a pretty tasty sandwich, but creator Sebastian complemented that base with a jean jacket (cilantro+sriracha), cucumber, tomato, onion, and lettuce. It’s a sandwich you’ll try once in earnest and end up craving the rest of the week. It’ll be available through the end of June via delivery and in our deli. It costs $10.25 before tax, and, like all Sandwich Lab specials, gets you two stamps on your sandwich card.

We’re at Hoops Brewing for a pop-up tonight, Friday, June 7th. We’re selling half and whole sandwiches, of the Cajun Finn, Cold Turkey, and Fuzzy Bunny varieties. You can now have a Cajun Finn and a Hoops beer at Hoops and Northern Waters Smokehaus.

The Kenspeckle Letterpress shirts are in! I don’t mean to belabor my excitement about this, since I have mentioned it several times before, but they’re finally in, in all sizes! We even have a few nice photographs of them, which is something that previous posts lacked.

Look at these cool T-Shirts:

I can’t wait to pick up a “Fish” shirt, finally. The shirts are $20 and printed on soft, breathable cotton. If this style of art appeals to you, check out the Kenspeckle Letterpress studio. It’s on the second floor of the DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace.

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