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5 Things: August 16th, 2019

Let’s get right to the meat of this week: There was an enormous rubber duck in town. It spent most of the time deflated, but at least we were graced with its presence, as a part of the Festival of Sail.

A handful of department managers received ServSafe training. In what sounds like an extremely grueling day of collectively leafing through an entire manual on food safety, followed by a comprehensive test on the subject, we hopefully have a slew of new food safety-certified individuals on our staff. We’re not sure yet—test results won’t come back for a few more days—but knowing what I know about my coworkers, I don’t doubt they passed.

Patricia prepared personal pizzas. Pro tip: If you’re interested in trying the latest of her creations, stop into our deli on Wednesday mornings. It seems like she likes to experiment with food on Tuesdays, and everything she makes is either solid gold or extensively gilded.

The latest item, as previously mentioned, is personal pizzas. Made with our own Smoked Bacon, and Hammarlund Nursery heirloom tomatoes, these pizzas are just the right size for one, and they taste great. As I prepare to publish this blog, I have to mention that the pizzas are currently sold out, but don’t worry! This won’t be the last of them.

A variety of pasties are back in stock as of this morning, and the Widmer 2-Year Cheddar Cheesy Crackers will be out later today. Thanks again, Patricia, for all that you do.

We launched a new loyalty program. We’ll still honor completed 10-stamped sandwich cards, and any incomplete sandwich card stamps will be transferrable to the new loyalty card. The way the new system is laid out, you’ll earn a reward (redeemable at your leisure) every six sandwiches/salads you purchase—up to three times per card. We’re calling this program the “Sandwich Lover Extraordinaire.”

Let’s take a look at the new card:

For a more detailed explanation of the new loyalty program, check out this blog post.

We’re hiring!

It always happens this time of year—we say goodbye to students and other seasonal employees, and we’re happy for them and their journeys, but we’re mildly concerned about filling out our schedules.

If any of the descriptions below sound like you, and you’re interested in making competitive wages at a pretty cool place, with pretty cool people, send a résumé to our H.R. champion, Gregory Conley, at

If you like working alone, at (basically) your own pace, and don’t mind getting a little bit wet, consider applying for our daytime disher position. We’re looking for someone to work daytimes Monday through Friday.

If you’re more people-oriented, and want to work alongside a hardworking team of unique and interesting individuals, we are also hiring in our deli and delivery departments.

Work with the cool kids; send in a résumé!

Finally, we’re running a Labor Day mail order special! 20% off your cart, online only, when you place your order between 8/26 and 9/2, and enter the discount code bluecollar at checkout. Some boring restrictions apply, but you can plan ahead and place your future holiday orders at this discount. It’s either a right-now special or an early-early-bird special, depending on your perspective!

Okay, that’s enough Things™ for now, I’ve got to get to work in the deli.

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