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5 Things… It starts with just 5 things.

Well, another fantastic week has passed on once again. We at NW Smokehaus and NW Restaurant have been taking in the lessened business that seems to come with November in stride. Trying to rally for the inevitable lashing that seems to come with December is old hat to some, and fresh fresh for others… But, you know, it starts with just 5 things.  It always starts with just 5 things…

#1.    PIIIIIIIGS IIIIIIIIINNNN SPAAAAAAAACE: You know, you leave something up to the creative types and sometimes they really deliver. Our friends Anne Marie and Flo came up with a cute and concise offer; for a mere $125 dollars in purchase (and for a mere  24 hours) you could receive FREE shipping… Who doesn’t love getting something for free? The answer is: not very many people; IE we had a lot of people take us up on the offer. Making space for all (even pigs) is about as inclusive as you can get, and The Smokehaus is all about inclusivity.

pigs in space

#2.  YOU SHOULD TOTES GET ONE OF OUR TOTES: Screaming deals are the name of the game this December, and why should the deli be any different from any of our other departments? For a limited time if you stop by our deli and spend $100, you will receive one of our beautiful canvas bags for free. They don’t just hold Smokehaus food either! Oh no, they can hold a LOT of other stuff. Too much stuff to get into here, but you get the drift. Although, if you have any questions about what you can stuff into the bag, just give us a call and ask for Smokehaus General Manager Mary. She will be happy to direct you.

mother's day gb1


#3.  RESTAURANT SELECTOR: Ok, so as not to be outdone by her older sister The Smokehaus,  Northern Waters Restaurant is now offering a free $20 gift card when you purchase $100 in gift cards. These gift cards are good at either location, offering a much different but equally enjoyable experience at either place, AKA the best of both worlds. So, basically you get gifts for the people you love and also give a gift to yourself. Self love is an important concept, so take care of yourselves my little beauties!

#4.  IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE WINTER… VILLAGE: Our presence at last year’s Winter Village on the grounds of Glensheen Mansion caused quite a stir! You really just never know where we will pop up. But, we always pop up when people really need us, and those moments shopping for holiday gifts that can seem incredibly daunting are when we shine. In the spirit of that, we will be cutening up our little cabin by the lake again at this year’s event (this Saturday and Sunday) and offering you the ease of buying gifts that you know will be a hit. And there’s no shortage of other great vendors selling, including our friends and partners at Lake Superior Bakehouse (think sweet treats for your holiday). There’s also alcohol and food being served all day long, so no excuse for losing your momentum!


#5. PHOTO REDUX MANIA!!!!!!!: As you might remember, about a month ago we tasked Smokehaus creatives Flo and Stephen (and a late-in-the-game assist by Jacob) with a complete overhaul of the photos on our website. It was a huge undertaking, but one that we knew they were up to. The results exceeded our expectations a hundred-fold, and what we are now looking at every time we open the page makes our hearts sing! We feel as though our food is elegant in it’s preparation and beauty, and we finally have images that match those qualities. We could not be happier with the end product. Check us out at for the long lasting food love that these pictures so effortlessly convey.

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10 things – Holiday Mail Order Edition

Mail Order Season is upon us. For us that means our volume of shipments goes through the roof. A team of about 2 turns into a team of about 7. A once quiet office turns into a loud machine of box making, choice 90s tunes, taping boxes, carefully hand-packing boxes, labeling boxes, and waving at the FedEx guy as he takes all our boxes into the world. It’s a great time to remind you of some things to think about when placing your Mail Order orders with us this holiday season.

#1. Meats typically ship frozen. When ordering the larger meats, like 7 pound Hams and 4 pound Porkettas, think about the timing of your event. You may need an extra day or two for the meat to thaw before you can lovingly prepare it for your guests.

#2. We do everything we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but weather and FedEx operational issues are out of our control. Typically, you can receive orders from us pretty quickly. For orders placed by noon M-W, we ship your order same day (if product is in stock). For those in Minnesota, we also do this on Thursdays. Food is shipped FedEx 2-day so that it arrives cold on your doorstep. From time to time, Mother Nature gets in the way of the 2-day shipping timeline. And every so often FedEx experiences technical issues or trucks break down. It’s so unfortunate when this happens, but we’ll be in touch with you, and happily replace an order if it arrives warm, or extend some other nicety depending on your situation. We’re here to help.

#3. It’s good to know how what to do with the packaging that comes with your product. We’re in the midst of phasing out styrofoam, but we have a little more to go through. Some of you this holiday will receive our styrofoam coolers. The box and styrofoam cooler can be re-used, but if you’re not into that, please recycle the cardboard and throw away the styrofoam. Some of you will receive our new “Jean Jacket” box liners. They’re soft and squishy, and biodegradable! They can be thrown out or you can take the polyfilm off the liner and compost the blue denim fibers inside. As for the ice packs, please reuse if possible. If you need to dispose, they are 100% water soluble.

#4. Give us a call when needed. We’re not robots here. We like to think we’re pretty helpful actually. If you have a question regarding an order, just give us a ring. If you’ve got a question about where your package is, also give us ring, we can easily track your package, where as calling FedEx might not get you anywhere.

#5. Ordering online is the way to go when possible. Our website ordering process is very smooth. And we’re always looking for ways to add new things to the experience. When you order online, you’re more likely to get coupons emailed to you as well! 15% next order? Yes, please!

#6. Use and care of our products is now included in the yellow slip that comes in your box. If you haven’t noticed that bright yellow slip, check it out! Use and care for our products is as follows:

  • Smoked Fish – Fully cooked and ready to eat. Enjoy or freeze within 3 weeks of date on package.
  • Smoked Meats – Fully cooked and ready to eat. Enjoy or freeze within 1 week of receiving.
  • Salumi – Shelf-stable. Best kept in butcher paper, in your cupboard. Discard or eat rind, slice as needed and enjoy within 1 month.
  • Raw Sausages – Not cooked. Cook as desired, ensuring internal temperature reaches 155 degrees. Use or freeze within 1-2 days.

#7. All of our food is hand-made. We are not a factory. We are a small shop. We hand-make all of our products in small batches. The path of the product from raw meat to fully smoked to being packaged up for nationwide shipping is quite a process. We take pride in this process, and we put love and creativity into every step of it.

#8. Many people love to send our food as gifts during the holidays, but don’t send it as surprise! Since the food must remain cold, it’s good to let the recipient know it’s coming. They’ll want to grab that box as soon as it comes and move the food to their refrigerator. It’s also good to point out here, that we don’t require a signature for delivery. It’s important that the food be dropped off and received as soon as possible after drop off. If we required signatures, it’s more likely the transit time could be extended beyond 2-days, and more likely the food would become spoiled.

#9. We vacuum seal most of our smoked fish and meats. We do this for many reason. It’s a safe way to transport food for shipping and it looks nice too! But if the seal breaks during transport, you mustn’t worry, it’s still safe to eat. Only if the food arrives warm should you throw it out, and call us right away.

#10. Check out some of the newly added items in our Mail Order department! We are now selling the Cajun Finn Sandwich Kit and Northern Bagel Sandwich Kit. Think of these as the perfect addition to a special occasion, or the creative alternative to a birthday cake! Find these in the “Gifts” section of our website. Also, coming soon, you’ll also be able to purchase our beloved Crayo, Kimchi and Sauerkraut! And you be able to add Cheese & Crackers as an add-on to your order. Fun stuff, right?

Ok, that’s it for now kind customers. Place those holiday orders soon, and remember we’re always here to help.

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5 things – volume 14


#1. Smokehaus Party takes place. Smokehausers do like a party. Food and drinks are in abundance, and people laugh and sing and frolic into the wee hours. It’s good for camaraderie, it’s a good release this time of year, and the we count the clock until next time.


#2. We started to release recipe cards in our mail order boxes! These little beauties feature our products and we’ll be making more and more as the months carry on. Look for one in your next shipment from us!


#3. Our website gets a few tweaks. In preparation for brand new photography, we’ve altered the look of our mail order section to showcase our new photos. Release date is very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. These new shots will knock your socks off!


#4. We slice 59 # of Smoked Berkshire Bacon, and add it to our growing stash for the holiday season. Take a look at some fun facts compiled by Mental Floss last year.


#5. We gear up for none-other-than, Cyber Monday! It’s our first go at the cyber-space madness online shopping day. We think we’ve got a cute little offer, and we hope our amazing customers will take advantage. Cyber space immediately equated to Pigs in Space for us. And so our cute little campaign was born.

pigs in space


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Pigs in Space

Terms & Conditions:

Offer valid for free shipping on orders of $125 or more using the coupon code: pigsinspace online.
Free shipping applies to regular priced items only.
Offer valid for twenty-four hours only on November 27th, 2017 and expires at 11:59pm.
Online customers must use the code “pigsinspace” to receive this discount.


Offer not valid on discounted items.
Offer is limited to stock on hand; offer is nontransferable and is not redeemable for cash.
May not be combined with any other discount or offer. Limit one coupon per customer per order.

Questions? Contact us a Smokehauser at or call us (218) 724-7307

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5 things – Volume 13

A lull in the shop and mega planning for mail order – that sort of sums up the balance of our Smokehaus right now. With down time, we create, innovate, catch up, find ways to be more efficient and profitable and look for opportunities to partner. With gearing up for Mail Order season, the basement is running hot on production of smoked meats, and the packaging inventory is filling up every nook and cranny of our tiny space! Let’s take a look:

#1. We partner.

TONIGHT Y’ALL – we partner with Hoops Brewing, pop-up restaurant style. Come on down, enjoy your favorite Hoops pint and grab some Smokehaus grub to round out the evening. We’ll be there starting 4pm until the food runs out! Think: our Friday special pulled pork, our own German Brat w/ Hausmade sauerkraut and our famous Bison Buddies – you know you want it all.

hoops smokehaus pop up

#2. We innovate.

On Sunday, the Smokehaus deli kids came to together for our annual SANDWICH LAB. It’s a time full of creativity, new ingredient pairings for new sandwiches, looking at old sandwiches to see which ones have come to their demise, and yes, judging of the newbie sandwiches to see whose master creation will make it onto the sandwich board as a regular offering. We can’t tell you the winners yet, but we’ll keep you posted. You WILL want to try these newbies when they’re ready for prime-time.

smokehaus sandwich lab

#3. We gear up.

We ordered all of the food-grade reusable ice packs that we’ll need for Mail Order’s holiday season. And that amounts to a mere 9,000 pounds. That’s all, no biggie.

smokehaus ice wall

#4. We reach out with newsworthy tidbits to see who bites.

We made it into City Pages! We’ve been looking for ways to extend our message out to the masses that our best selling sandwich of all time, the Cajun Finn, is now available as a kit via Mail Order. We know it’s a niche thing, we get it, but if you have a special occasion, a hankering for that mix of Smokehaus Smoked Cajun Salmon, cinis, reds, and scallion cream cheese, you know where to find it. Ships 2-day to your doorstep. (1-day to most Minnesota addresses)

city pages cajun finn

#5. And we might be Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal…. if you VOTE for US.

We appreciate being included in this year’s The Growler Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Awards! We’re up for Best Deli! Take a few minutes to cast a vote, and let’s cross our fingers. Thanks for the inclusion!

Vote Now

kind-of-a-big-deal awards

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5 Things- Volume 12

We are nearing the end of the year, we are dusting off our ugly Christmas sweaters and we are making spare room for all of the seconds, thirds and fourths we will be having at our family gatherings. But before we reach that magical time of the year, we’re keeping our dancing shoes on and we will continue to party and enjoy the amazing camaraderie that exists and the Smokehaus.

So with that said, let’s cue the Adventure Time theme song (it’s okay if you don’t know it you can sing along).
“Adventure Time,
C’mon grab your friends,
We’re going to very distant lands.
With Jake [the smoker] and
Finn [the sandwich],
The fun will never end,
It’s Adventure Time!” 

This week was full of adventure:

At 6:30AM on Friday our basement started flooding. Water was flowing in from every crack it could find but our wonderful crew hiked up there pants, changed their plans and grabbed a squeegee. Friday felt like the scene in Hercules where he cuts the dragon’s head off and three heads grow back. Shouts to our wonderful team for stepping in and helping us stay afloat!


This week was also full of spoooooky tiiiimess:

2-Rocky Horror Red Mountain ft Chelsy from Vikre!

Our friend Steve Sola is letting us use this video that he took of a local favorite band in Duluth, Red Mountain. Our delivery-daredevil and basement-badass Jeremy Ehlert SLAYS guitar in this band. You can’t see him but you can hear him shred. (We love you, Jeremy!)

Not pictured but also important to mention: Ned’s band Alamode & Jacob’s band the Social Disaster also played on Halloween night at the Rex Bar. Did we mention they were all born on October 11st!? 


Have you hugged a carnivore this week?
3- Halloween in the shop 

Harrison Cross is the man of many costumes. He’s known for killer dance moves, exceptional puns, and going all out on Holiday extravaganza. This year he really raised the bar on his costume game and expressed his carnivore lifestyle more visually and larger than life. We also had a visitor from the New Yorker giving us advice on what kind of beans to purchase for our Chemex (Thanks, Cam)!

This week was full of cute liver caskets!

4- Are you a be-liver? 

Extra! Extra! Find these in the Grab-n-Go in our Deli soon! We will be packaging these cuties up and selling them 1/3 lb for your party convenience. Country Paté lovers unite!

And every week we’re all about Awesome Burgers

5- Can you say onion rings? 

The Restaurant does burger Mondays and this weeks special burger looked like a dang good time. Stop in next Monday to see what chef James cooked up for ya!