Country Paté

For this savory treat, we coarse-grind Berkshire pork, our own bacon, onion, Berkshire pork liver, brandy, and a selection of herbs and spices to create this masterpiece. Serve it as a stand-alone charcuterie option or schmear it on bread with raw onion and cornichon. Dress it up or down, this full-flavored paté is versatile! In our deli, we make a delectable sandwich with this paté, the Bahn Faux Mi. It includes Berkshire ham, Country Paté, Haus-pickled veggies, quick pickles, cilantro, hoisin, Sriracha & Babbitt butter on a hero roll.

Country Paté Details

  • Choose between 1/2 pound piece, or
  • 1 whole loaf (2-2.25 pounds)


Due to the perishable nature of our specialty, hand-crafted food, we require expedited shipping using UPS Ground or 2-day services. Everything is packed in a lined box with ice to keep the food cold as it arrives on your doorstep. The shipping rate depends on the final destination of the order and ranges from $18-$65. Orders taken Sunday-Tuesday are shipped the day after they are received (pending product availability). We also ship on Thursdays for orders placed Wednesday that are shipped within Minnesota. Please see our FAQ for additional questions on shipping.

Deli Menu



Smoked Atlantic Salmon Traditional – 1/2 lb Piece – $14

We use only the highest quality boneless Atlantic salmon. We hand-trim, marinate, then Our signature Smoked Atlantic Salmon is a perfect marriage of salt, sugar and smoke. It’s hard to beat this old standby. We use only the highest quality boneless Atlantic salmon. We hand-trim, marinate, then smoke each fillet with maple wood, then package it without the use of artificial colors or preservatives. Serves 2-4.

Smoked Atlantic Salmon w/Cajun – 1/2 lb Piece – $14.50

Smoked salmon with a bite. Spiced with a blend of cayenne, pepper, garlic, paprika, and other savory ingredients before smoking, this is our boldest flavored salmon. A tasty masterpiece. Serves 2-4.

Smoked Atlantic Salmon w/Black Pepper & Coriander – 1/2 lb Piece – $14.50

Sprinkled liberally with coarse ground black pepper and coriander – a light and lemony spice – then smoked. Serves 2-4.

Smoked Atlantic Salmon w/Dill – 1/2 lb Piece – $14.50

A timeless, traditional combination — salmon and dill. Serves 2-4.

All Season Fillet – whole fillet – $29/lb

We prepare the salmon fillet with sections of Black Pepper & Coriander, Dill, Cajun, and Traditional on one fillet. It’s a feast for your eyes and your palette. Using only the highest quality boneless Atlantic salmon, we hand-trim each fillet, marinate it, smoke it with maple wood, then package it without the use of artificial colors or preservatives. 2.5-3lbs. Serves 8 or more.

Smoked Salmon Tails – 1/2 lb – $9

Small pieces of Atlantic salmon brined with salt and brown sugar. Like salmon candy!

Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon – 1/2 lb Piece – $18.50

Our Alaskan Sockeye Salmon are moist and tender and full of perfect salmon flavor. Fisherman Dave Rogotzke brings us our Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fresh from the Alaskan wilderness. We double-brine the salmon with brown sugar then put it in the smoker. It’s salmon candy! Serves 2-4.

Smoked Whitefish – whole or half – $17/lb

One whole buttery smoked Lake Superior Whitefish to savor. Our version is mild, moist and delectable! We first brine the fish, then cool it overnight before smoking it for several hours. Sold as either whole (1.25 pound average) or 1/2 fish.

Smoked Lake Trout – 1/2 lb Piece – $9.50

We source our trout fresh from the icy waters of Lake Superior. We double-cure the fish with brown sugar, adding just the right balance of sweetness to the savory, alkaline quality of this meaty fish. 




Smoked Berkshire Bacon – 1 lb sliced – $22

A classic smoked bacon made with the best of the best in Berkshire pork. Made with sugar, salt, and smoke, the simplicity of the ingredients lets the quality of the pork stand out – both in flavor and texture. There is no equal.

Smoked Turkey Breast – 1/2 lb Sliced – $12.50, Whole Breast (~3lb Frozen) – $25/lb

Our Smoked Turkey Breast is made from Minnesota free-range turkey. It’s smoked with just a hint of sage, and local maple syrup.

Smoked Ham 1/2 lb sliced – $6.25, Whole 1/2 Ham (~6lb Frozen) – $9/lb

We use the world’s best pork, Berkshire, for our smoked ham. Don’t let another Sunday Brunch or holiday pass by without adorning your table with this hammy treat.

Smoked Pancetta – 1/2 lb Sliced – $14

For our Smoked Pancetta, we use smoked Duroc belly but with a twist. We add herbs and spices and a rolling technique to create a spectacular presentation and a savory and salty infusion for your taste buds. 

Smoked Bison Pastrami  – 1/2 lb Sliced – $16

We use luscious South Dakota bison chuck roast, marinate it in garlic and spices, roll it in black pepper and coriander, then smoke it to meaty, succulent perfection. 

Country Pâté – 1/2 lb – $8.25

We course-grind Berkshire pork, our own bacon, onion, Berkshire pork liver, brandy, and a selection of herbs and spices to create a savory masterpiece. Serve it as a stand-alone charcuterie option or schmear it on bread with raw onion and cornichon – dress it up or down; this full-flavored pate is versatile!




Cajun Finn – $14.75 

Cajun smoked Atlantic salmon, scallion cream cheese, roasted red peppers, pepperoncini, and lettuce on Haus-baked ciabatta.

Sitka Sushi – $13.25 

Gravlax*, pickled ginger, cilantro, cucumber, cabbage, sesame oil & vinegar, wasabi mayo, and Sriracha on a hero roll.

*Consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Northern Bagel – $13.25 

Traditional smoked Atlantic salmon, served on a toasted traditional bagel from St. Paul Bagelry, slathered with scallion cream cheese.

Great Summer Caper – $14.50

Smokehaus gravlax* on a toasted everything bagel from St. Paul Bagelry, with scallion cream cheese, tomato, capers, and red onion. 

*Consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Slammin’ Gordon – $14.75 

Smoked salmon pâté, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, oil & vinegar. Served on naan.

Salmon Melt – $14

A Smokehaus take on the traditional tuna melt. Smoked salmon pâté and cheddar toasted on buttered Haus-baked white bread, with red onion, chopped dill pickle, and celery. TOASTED.

Cold Turkey – $12 

Smoked maple sage turkey breast, lettuce, Swiss, and craisen-walnut mayo. Served on Haus-baked ciabatta. Contains Nuts

Clubhaus – $14.50

Smoked maple sage turkey breast and crispy smoked pancetta with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on Haus-baked ciabatta.

The Phoebe – $14.50

Smoked maple sage turkey, cheddar, Russian dressing, and Hausmade kimchi on Haus-baked rye. Toasted.

Cedar’s Secret – $14 

Smoked maple sage turkey, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, craisen-walnut mayo and Sriracha on naan. Contains Nuts

Pastrami Mommy – $14.75 

A quarter-pound of smoked bison pastrami, pepperoncini, provolone, lettuce, mustard, and mayo on Haus-baked rye.

The Big Dipper – $13.50 

Roasted porketta, provolone, pepperoncini, green olives, and butter on a hero roll. Cut into thirds for easy dipping and served with a zesty 3-pepper sauce.

Italiensk – $13.50 

Salami mix, mortadella, green olives, dill pickles, provolone, onions, tomato, basil, and black pepper. Served on a hero roll with a splash of oil & vinegar.

Silence of the Lambwich – $13.25 

Roasted, curry-rubbed leg of lamb, sliced thin and adorned with fresh basil, tomato, red onion, cucumber, red curry yogurt, and a splash of oil & vinegar. Served on naan.

The Gorilla – $10.75 

Smoked ham, Swiss, lettuce, mustard, and mayo on Haus-baked rye.

The Hardhat – $13.25

Beef & bacon summer sausage, onion, tomato, cheddar, lettuce, mayo, and mustard on Haus-baked white bread.

Banh Faux Mi – $12.50

Smoked ham, country-style liver pâté, pickled vegetable medley, quick pickles, cilantro, hoisin, Sriracha, and butter on a hero roll.  

The ’06 – $14.75 

Your choice of smoked bison pastrami or corned bison with Hausmade sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Swiss on Haus-baked rye. Toasted.

D-Luxxx – $12.50 

Your choice of smoked pork loin, smoked maple sage turkey breast, or smoked ham with lettuce, tomato, provolone, mustard, and mayo on a hero roll.

The Squealy Dan – $12.50

Your choice of Spanish-style chorizo or smoked pork loin on a hero roll with butter, black pepper, provolone, and pepperoncini.

The Hedonist – $11.50 

Country-style liver pâté, cornichon (sweet & sour French pickles), onion, lettuce, mustard, and mayo on a hero roll. A grown-up liverwurst sandwich! 

Spring Roll (Vegan) – $12.50 

Smoked tofu, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, pickled vegetables, lettuce, chopped almonds, cilantro, basil, Sriracha, and sesame oil & vinegar. Served on Haus-baked ciabatta. Contains Nuts 

Fuzzy Bunny (Vegetarian) – $9.50 

Scallion cream cheese, roasted red peppers, cucumber, shredded cabbage, tomato, onion, lettuce, cilantro, black pepper, and sesame oil & vinegar on Haus-baked ciabatta. 

DeWitt Seitzer – $9.75 

A simple pleasure. Butter and your choice of salami, smoked ham, or smoked pork loin on a hero roll. Kid friendly

The Basic Bagel – $5.75 

Toasted Traditional or Everything bagel from St. Paul Bagelry with scallion cream cheese. Kid friendly

Grilled Cheese – $5.25 

Haus-baked white bread and cheddar cheese, toasted to melty perfection. Kid friendly

The Motherlover – $7.75

Your choice of smoked ham, salami, smoked turkey, or mortadella (think fancy bologna) with mayo and lettuce on Haus white bread. Kid friendly




NWS Salad – $15.75 – Vegan Upon Request – $12 

Smoked traditional Atlantic salmon, mixed greens, cilantro, pickled ginger, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, chopped Marcona almonds, sesame oil & vinegar, wasabi mayo, and Sriracha. Contains Nuts

Adisalad Vegan/Pescatarian – $11.50

Mixed greens, your choice of Hausmade kimchi (contains a small amount of fish sauce) or VEGAN Hausmade sauerkraut, cabbage, cucumbers, pickled vegetable medley, and chopped Marcona almonds. CONTAINS NUTS  

Fish Basket Price of fish +$3

Your choice of our famous smoked fish served with crackers and scallion cream cheese. 

Salami Basket – $17 

Our own dry-cured salami mix with olives, a featured local cheese, crusty bread, and local butter. Serves two.




Chips – $1.25

We carry a variety of Rachel’s chips & Lillie’s Q chips.

Side of Scallion Cream Cheese (6oz) – $4.75

6 ounces of our original schmear: soft cream cheese laced with scalliony goodness.

Side of Crayo (6oz) – $2.50

We mix together walnuts, garlic, and dried cranberries with southern-style smooth and creamy Duke’s mayo.

Hausmade Sauerkraut (6oz) – $2.75

Our sauerkraut is a simple mixture of cabbage, caraway, and salt that somehow develops into magic as it ferments. Great as a side, or midnight snack!

Kreamy Koolslaw (6oz) – $2.50

Hausmade coleslaw.

Olive Mix (4oz) – $3

A select mix of green and black olives.

Chocolate Chip Cookie – $2

Made by our friends at Positively 3rd Street Bakery (nut free).




Mexi-Coke – $2

12oz bottle of Mexican Coca Cola.

Diet Coke – $1.25

Just for the taste of it. 12oz can.

Topo Chico – Lime – $2

A zero calorie sparkling mineral water bottled at source in Monterrey, Mexico, since 1895. Topo Chico, splash into the fun! 12oz bottle.

Sanpellegrino – Limonata – $1.75

Sparkling lemon beverage. Be transported to the lemon groves of Italy with Sanpellegrino Limonata. 12oz can.

Sanpellegrino – Blood Orange – $1.75

Sparkling blood orange beverage. Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa is made from oranges and blood oranges from Italy that get their unique color and taste from the conditions of the land in which they are grown. 12oz can.

Lacroix Lemon – $1.25

A lively lemon sparkling water. 12oz can.

Sprecher Sodas – $2

Handcrafted, fire brewed soda from Glendale, Wisconsin. 16oz bottle.

Underwood Snapchill Cold Coffee – $6

A 12oz “snapchilled” can of Duluth’s own Underwood Coffee. “Little Arrow is blend of seasonal coffees that emphasizes depth and balance in the cup… tasting notes of fudge, blackberry, & almond.” Served cold in an 12oz can.

Honest Tea – Lori’s Lemon Iced Tea – $2.75

Just the right balance of tasty ingredients, with an Honest twist—certified organic and just a tad sweet taste. 16oz bottle.




Salamini – $32/LB

We coarse-grind Minnesota Berkshire pork for our Salamini, then mix it with fennel and garlic. This creates a classic salami profile: meaty, savory, and slightly tart. We hand-tie each link and dry-cure it to perfection in small batches. Slice this up thin for your next charcuterie platter, and guests are sure to be delighted. Weights vary between 0.45 – 0.55 of a pound.

Saucisson Sec – $32/LB

We use a country-style French recipe which includes savory Berkshire pork, French four spice, white wine, and white peppercorns. A tart, fantastically smooth salami. It’s wonderful with cheese, wine, crusty bread, and any fruits and veggies you may have kicking around. Weights vary between 0.65 – 0.75 of a pound.


We make our melt-in-your-mouth Dry-Cured Pepperoni using red wine, paprika, fennel seed, and other fragrant spices. 2/3lb average.




Andouille Sausage (1lb) – $16

Our take on the classic Cajun sausage is fully smoked, liberally spiced, and incredible in soups, jambalaya, or pasta. Breakfast will never be the same after you fry this up with eggs! Minnesota Berkshire Pork. 1lb.

Smoked Polish Sausage (1lb) – $15

We use plenty of garlic in our Smoked Polish Sausage, which starts with Minnesota Berkshire pork. This sausage is fully smoked and ready for the grill, the steamer, or a simple pasta dish. It also pairs well with a deep lager or fresh-baked buttery pretzel. 3 pack 1 lb average.

Smokehaus Summer Sausage (1/2lb) – $11

Grass-fed beef brisket, ground in small batches, mixed with Berkshire pork, mustard, honey, and spices, and smoked for a tangy, luxurious finish. Sold by the 1/2 pound.




Apple Brats (Pack of 3) – $9

Sweet and juicy, our Apple Brats are made with Minnesota Berkshire pork, dried organic apples, apple juice, salt & spices. Sausages are raw (not smoked) and frozen. 1 pound.

Beer Brats (Pack of 3) – $9.50

We call this one the “big friendly” because it’s made with a MN staple, Grain Belt Premium beer. This sausage features Grain Belt beer, Berkshire pork, Smokehaus Bacon, salt, pepper and ground mustard. Brats are raw (not smoked) and frozen. 1 pound.

German Brats (Pack of 3) – $10.00

Get your mustard trio ready, baby! This sausage features veal, Berkshire pork, milk, salt and super-duper secret Germanic spices. Brats are raw (not smoked) and delivered frozen. Pack of 3.

Jalapeño Brats (Pack of 3) – $9.50

Bring the heat! Our Jalapeño Brat is made with Minnesota Berkshire Pork, Hausmade Bacon, jalapeños, mace, sugar, pepper & ginger. Sausages are raw (not smoked) and frozen. 1 pound.

Italian Sausage (Pack of 3) – $8

“MIA MADRE QUELLA SALSICCIA!” Or you can just say “Damn! That’s good.” This sausage features Berkshire pork, salt, pepper, cayenne, crushed pepper, garlic, dried parsley, coriander, fennel seed, & bay leaves. Sausages are raw (not smoked) and frozen. 1 pound.

Maple Breakfast Sausage Links – $8.50

Just sweet enough to kick your breakfast into a higher gear. We grind Berkshire pork and mix it with salt, crushed red pepper, sage, marjoram, cayenne, maple syrup, and honey.

Maple Breakfast Sausage (Ground) – $7.50

Not your average breakfast sausage. We grind our own Berkshire Pork, salt, and spices.
Midwestern Breakfast Sausage is raw sausage (not smoked) and frozen. 1 pound.

Traditional Mexican Chorizo Fresco – $7.50

Sweet and savory our Chorizo Fresco will bring your breakfast tacos to a whole new level! Minnesota Berkshire ground pork, red wine, vinegar, salt, Mexican chile & spices. Chorizo is raw sausage (not smoked) and frozen. 1 pound.




Smoked Salmon Pâté (8 oz) – $14.50

We start with our smoked Atlantic salmon and then blend it with horseradish, scallions, lemon juice, garlic, mayonnaise, dill, and just enough secret ingredients to keep the formula a mystery.

Hausmade Kimchi (16 oz) – $8.50

A Korean staple with a Smokehaus twist. Enjoy a bowl-full on its own, piled high on sandwiches, or atop your favorite weeknight dinners. 

Sauerkraut (16 oz) – $7 

Our sauerkraut is a simple mixture of cabbage, caraway, and salt that somehow develops into magic as it ferments. Great as a side, vegetable main, or midnight snack!

Kreamy Koolslaw (8oz) – $3.25

Hausmade coleslaw.

Boursin (8 oz) – $7.50

Haus-made citrus enhanced Boursin Cheese. Perfect for spreadables! 

Pimento (8 oz) – $7.50

Southern inspired Hause-made Pimiento Cheese.

Olivada (8 oz) – $8

Kalamata olive spread with a garlic bite.

Olive Mix (8oz) – $4

A select mix of green and black olives.

Castelvetrano Olives (8oz) – $3

Imported olives from Sicily. These olives are a bright green color with a meaty texture. They are buttery, rich, and delectable.

Crayo (8oz) – $3.25

We mix together walnuts, garlic, and dried cranberries with southern-style smooth and creamy Duke’s mayo.

CARR’S Table Water Crackers – $5 

Savory Rice Thins – $4

Croccantini Original – $3.50

Croccantini Rosemary – $3.50




Alpha Tolman (5 oz wedge) – $8

Applewood Smoked Cheddar (6 oz wedge) – $7

Bent River Camembert (7 oz half wheel) – $10 (14 oz whole wheel) $20 

Blue Earth Brie (4 oz wedge) – $5.50

Edun (6 oz block) – $9

Glacier Penta Creme (5 oz wedge) – $7

Humboldt Fog (8 oz 1/2 wheel) – $14 (16 oz whole wheel) – $28

Montchevre Medallion (1 oz medallion) – $1 

Mobay (6 oz wedge) – $9.75

North Fork Munster (6 oz wheel) – $9.50

North Fork Munster (6 oz wheel) – $9.50

Vat 17 Cheddar (6 oz block) – $9.50

Widmer’s Brick Spread (8 oz tub) – $6.25

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What We Eat

For all the years leading up to my time at the Smokehaus, I ate the Cajun Finn. Exclusively. My only deviation was if I was lucky enough to show up on Taco Tuesday. Once I started working here, I knew I needed to explore the very expansive menu for no other reason than product knowledge. While doing research under the cloak of product testing, I learned what I’ve always known: we make some ridiculously good food. If you’ve ever come to the deli and asked the person working what their favorite sandwich is and saw them hesitate, hmm and haw… it’s for good reason. There’s much to choose from and rarely is it a bad choice. While I still love The Finn, I have yet to go wrong deviating from my old standby.

I took an informal poll of some staff (okay, I drug them aside and demanded an answer), veteran and new-ish and everything in-between. Here are the results: 

Nic P: “Italiensk. I love it because it features our salamundos (large diameter salamis) and the mortadella which are some of my favorite products we make here.”

Cho: “Probably The ‘06 because I really like our bison pastrami. Our meats are so quality and you can really taste it in the pastrami. And who doesn’t love a toasty sandwich?”

Tyler: “The ‘06 or a Phoebe for a good food coma. If I need to go light: Sitka Sushi for the win. Or, a pizza on a naan”.  Author’s notes: I had to inform Tyler that pizza, indeed, is not on our menu. No, really, we can’t make you a pizza.

Emma: “Spring Roll on a Square (vegan mode!). I love the pickled veg, it has such a unique flavor profile. The almonds? DEVINE. So good! They give it the crunch. God bless Patricia.” Author’s Note: Our Spring Roll used to be served on a Naan (thus, the “roll”) but moving forward it will be served on a square ciabatta which makes this solid vegetarian option a vegan sandwich too!

Cal: “D-Luxxx with Turkey. Always the turkey. Or, a Cold Turkey or, a Cedar’s Secret. The turkey is so good.” Author’s note: Cal’s been working here since he’s been in the womb. So if he says the turkey’s good, it’s good.

Nicholas Matthew Ruszat Klee: “For years I’ve ordered the Cold Turkey, now I make the Cold Turkey, thus the circle of life continues.” When asked what he would do if we were out of Crayo, a critical ingredient in this second best selling sandwich, Nick responded, mournfully, that he “would simply weep”. 

Taylor P: “Big Dipper. The porketta here is so good and it feels like the regional favorite that I grew up eating is less common. Plus, people generally wouldn’t think of making a sandwich with this as the key ingredient.”

Brian: “Hedonist or Bahn Faux Mi. Both feature the country pâté which has such a great, complex flavor. I see people who have worked here for a very long time regularly eat the country pâté which is an indicator that a product is good and has lasting power.”

Justin: “Bahn Faux Mi.” Author’s notes: Justin is a man of few words.

Ben: “I worked in the pizza industry for a long time. When I go to a place that specializes in pizza, I get the most basic thing they have, a cheese pizza. If their crust and their sauce aren’t great, their pizza won’t be great. So here, I would recommend some of our most basic sandwiches like the The Northern Bagel with Smoked Salmon or Gravlax. You’ll get to taste what we do best and guaranteed, it will be delicious.”

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A Practical Guide to Northern Waters Smokehaus: Samples, Part 1

I have been mulling over the concept of a “Practical Guide to the Smokehaus” for a few months now. The task is daunting. It requires a vastness and depth of focus that could end up too vague or underdeveloped, and a precision of information that could lead us to conclusions that are not necessarily earned—a bunch of disconnected data gathered from anecdotes and opinions, leaving everyone wondering “why should I care about this?” As the weaver of this web, I find the task of creating a concise and comprehensive guide to your Northern Waters Smokehaus experience beyond my present resources and abilities. So, a thought occurred to me: I could save myself a great deal of concern over quality of output, I could generate a steady stream of content in digestible morsels, I could use this marketing-based writing as a means to connect with my co-workers and fellow human-beings; I could make it a weekly column, and I could get real answers to a variety of frequently asked questions from my esteemed colleagues. What follows is my first attempt:

“What goes well with this?” “Could you make a sample platter with the best stuff?” “What should I get?”

These are but a few of the daunting questions my co-workers and I engage with every day in the deli. I usually default to asking customers what they tend to like, then customizing my recommendations based on their response and my knowledge of our products. This doesn’t always work out. I am human and sometimes my preferences don’t line up with the customer’s. Sometimes the customer just wants someone else to do the thinking for them (which is very valid, and to which I often relate). And sometimes it is best just to judge by taste.

Today’s topic: The ideal sample-platter. (Note: complex sample platters at Northern Waters Smokehaus will still be made primarily at our employees’ discretion, but you are always welcome to sample individual finished products.)

“What would be on your ideal sample platter?” This is the question I asked my co-workers. Given the time and resources to prepare an inspiring combination of flavors or a greatest hits-style spread to share with our customers, what end result would we see, by each deli employee.

Leif “Pork loin Squealy Dan samples. No, wait. That sounds like a lot of work. I don’t want everyone to come in expecting me to have those prepared,” At this time, I assured him that this is just a thought-experiment, and that he wouldn’t be required to make these, though we discuss whether to make them as sandwiches that are then slivered into samples, individually assembled/toasted open-face sandwich bites, or topped saltine crackers. We also discuss deep-fried saltine crackers—unrelated. “Oh, and I changed my mind: They’d be porketta Squealy Dans.”

Michael — Michael had just finished telling me about why salmon tails are his favorite product we carry, when I sprung this second question on him: “Tails, pancetta, a mix of the salumi, and a Jerry bread [Jerry bakes several of our breads in-haus],” Which kind of Jerry bread? “Definitely the rye.”

Hyland — “Saucisson sec with slices of pear or apple or cucumber. And a really nutty Brie.” Cele: You’re a really nutty brie. “Your mom’s a really nutty Brie,” Cele: No she’s not. She’s a really nutty T—. “I’d also put out castel vetrano olives.”

Cele — “Olivada, chèvre, pork loin, salamini, cajun salmon and black pepper salmon,” Any crackers? “Yea. Ritz. Because we’re fancy.”

Lucy — “Probably ham, pepperoni, saucisson, traditional [salmon] and bread.” Lucy grew up around Northern Waters Smokehaus food, and offered that the glue of this hypothetical sample platter is nostalgia for her childhood. She didn’t say that exactly. I am just trying to paraphrase her poetically.

Jacob — As I described my task, a light brightened behind Jacob’s eyes: “I already know what I’d make. ‘Lutheran Sushi’ — Is that offensive?” For those who don’t already know, Lutheran Sushi is a term which I am not going to research the origin of at this moment, but which I have come to understand as sliced meat, spackled with a binding condiment and wrapped around a pickle spear. When pressed on his preferred variety, he replied, “Pork loin, for sure. With mayo.”

Sam — “Hedonist bites. Saltine crackers spread with a bite of country pâté, a dab of mayo and mustard, a slice of onion, and a cornichon pickle slice. They’re great for tipping people who are on the fence about country pâté or the hedonist.”

In the spirit of not making my co-workers bear the entire burden of producing content, I’ll give my take on the week’s subject at the end:

Ned — “I sure hope we continue carrying our Sogn Tomme cheese,” This is my inner-monologue. “I had no idea what it was before we started selling it,” It’s a fatty, crumbly sheep’s milk cheese. “But I sure enjoyed the time I served it with smoked Alaskan King Salmon and blueberries, drizzled in honey, atop Carr’s water crackers.” This inner monologue is extrapolated from my frenzied mental short-hand.

From here on out, y’all can expect these practical guides on a variety of subjects, returning to some topics (like this) to eventually document all of my co-workers’ suggestions, and musing on new ideas as they occur. Hopefully, you’ll receive sagely advice from myself and my co-workers to guide you through your NWS experience, inspire you to try something new, or enhance your old favorites.

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5 things – What’s New in Mail Order

5 things coming to you from the desk of the Mail Order Director this week. I’ve had an amazing year in 2017 at the Smokehaus. From learning the ropes from my dear colleagues Flo and Mary (and the whole staff really), to being given the autonomy to research and implement new systems and processes to grow this department, to learning that you can have a job that is actually fun, challenging and creative but not all consuming. What a find, I think. I made it through the busy month of December, and now there’s time to breath and dream and scheme (as they say around here) on all the fun things we can do for our amazing customers this year.

For starters – here’s 5 recent additions to our Mail Order website (in case you missed them):

#1 Country Pate (we know it’s not for everyone, but once you try it, you may get hooked) is now offered in 3 sizes: 1/3 pound, 1/2 pound, whole loaf. The 1/3 pound is obviously the cutest, coming in the small container we affectionately call “the casket.”

country pate

#2 We’re working on amping up the grocery items available to ship. Many have asked for them, and more to come. So far, you can purchase our Hausmade Kimchi, Kraut and Crayo. Take your home sandwich-making up 10 notches with these badass items.

crayo sandwich

#3 Cheese and crackers. It’s as simple as that. You can now add Cheese + Crackers to your order for $10. Just need the crackers? You can do that too. And you know you want to add them, because it’s the easiest way to enjoy so many of our products, and the fastest way to get a party started.

cheese and crackers

#4 We have a new section on our website for “Seasonal” items/gift boxes! With our plans to offer new pairings, seasonal offerings, and promotional discounts, you can find all those good things now in the Seasonal section. In case you missed it, right now, we have super awesome Super Bowl snack packs, and a Valentine’s Day box for sweethearts everywhere.

football snacks

#5 And we’ll be working on a great many more things this year! Be on the lookout for Ham Steaks (in case you don’t want the whole 7 pounder), Portioned Porkettas (dinner for 2?), and Atlantic Salmon Boxes including 4 pieces of a single flavor (i.e. we know those purists love the Traditional Style!).

the perfectionist

Please keep eating our food, and staying in touch with us 🙂 We love to hear from you, and we love to feed you.


Catering at Northern Waters Smokehaus

NWS Catering

Looking for catering? Want something delicious and different? Catering at Northern Waters Smokehaus starts with the finest products made right here in Duluth by our small, skilled crew, and served to you and your guests with elegance and drama.

Serve your guests a celebrated slice of the North.

At Northern Waters Smokehaus, we cater everything from weddings to art openings.

We cater the finest appetizers, and provide sandwich platters and boxed lunches for many a boardroom.

Our platters include four sizes:

Small — Serves 5

Medium — Serves 10

Large — Serves 20

Extra Large —Serves 50

To order, call 888.663.7800 or 218.724.7307, or email for more catering details and to book your special event. Catering office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.


We choose three of the very best domestic and international cheeses and garnish them with seasonal accoutrements. Beautiful, rich, and delightful. Served with a basket of mixed crackers and breads.

Small (serves 5) $28

Medium (serves 10) $55

Large (serves 20) $107

Extra Large (serves 50) $260

Pictured: All Season Filet Platter (Large)

Our most popular platter of all time. Up to four glorious flavors of boneless Atlantic smoked salmon featuring a strip of each of our spice blends: gentle, classic Dill; punctuated, lemony Black Pepper & Coriander; savory, zesty Cajun; and soft, sublime Traditional. Served with ample rows of crackers or Haus-made crostini (perfect with our smoked salmon), scallion cream cheese, and a splash of seasonally-appropriate garnish, this platter is nearly always the first to go at any party.

Small: 1 Piece of Salmon (serves 5) $38

Medium: 2 Pieces of Salmon (serves 10) $76

Large: 1 All Season Filet (Pictured) (serves 20) $152

Extra Large: 2 All Season Filets (serves 50) $380


Buttery smoked whitefish and sweet smoked lake trout decorated with pickles and sweety drop peppers. Served with savory scallion cream cheese and crostini or crackers. Taste the Unsalted Sea, salted and smoked to perfection in the historical DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace. *Due to the seasonality of freshwater fish, we reserve the right to substitutes in the event of limited supply

Small (serves 5) $37

Medium (serves 10) $74

Large (serves 20) $148

Extra Large (serves 50) $370


Our boned-out Lake Superior wild-caught smoked Lake Trout, which we brush with brown sugar during the smoking process, artfully arranged on a large platter. Served with butter crackers, scallion cream cheese, and gorgeously garnished. Local is beautiful, baby! *Due to the seasonality of freshwater fish, we reserve the right to substitutes in the event of limited supply

Small (serves 5) $31

Medium (serves 10) $62

Large (serves 20) $122

Extra Large (serves 50) $305


We make our meats in small batches, right here in Duluth! We source our meats from local (Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota) farms and use the freshest ingredients to create perfect flavors. We do not wholesale our meats, so our small shop in Canal Park is the only place to get it.

Our Antipasti Platter includes ample portions of smoked meats, cured meats, veggie charcuterie, cheeses, and olives. Arranged cleverly on a large platter. Meats may include Salamini, Bison Pastrami, Smoked Pork Loin with Rosemary and Honey, Chorizo, Pepperoni, Berkshire Ham, and/or Saucisson Sec. Cheeses include a selection of local Mid-Western cheddar, fresh chevre, and more. Whatever the combination, this tray is delicious!

Small (serves 5) $36

Medium (serves 10) $72

Large (serves 20) $144

Extra Large (serves 50) $360


The ultimate buffet! This board offers a little bit of everything. Buttery smoked whitefish with lemon garnish, a savory blend of assorted salumi, rolled cuts of sweet smoked ham, and mini loaves of rich country pâté round out the proteins; a choice of handmade boursin or pimiento cheese is paired with select regionally sourced cheeses; portions of tangy cornichon pickles and robust sauerkraut boldly compliment the cheese and protein selections. This platter comes with crackers or crostinis—based on availability—and is garnished with fresh herbs and sweety drop peppers. *Due to the seasonality of freshwater fish, we reserve the right to substitutes in the event of limited supply

Small (serves 5) $52

Medium (serves 10) $104

Large (serves 20) $207

Extra Large (serves 50) $516


Crispy-crusted slices of fresh-baked baguette. Swell with any of our meat, cheese, and fish platters!

Small (serves 5) $14

Medium (serves 10) $26

Large (serves 20) $49

Extra Large (serves 50) $110


Is there anything more pleasing than a heap of perky hard rolls stuffed with spectacular meats and bedecked with fresh sweet-cream butter? Smokehaus Sage-Maple Smoked Turkey, Berkshire Ham, and Smoked Berkshire Pancetta on fresh hard rolls with Dahl’s Butter. Bet you can’t have just three.

Small (serves 5) $36 (3 Turkey, 4 Ham, 3 Pancetta)

Medium (serves 10) $71 (6 Turkey, 8 Ham, 6 Pancetta)

Large (serves 20) $140 (12 Turkey, 16 Ham, 12 Pancetta)

Extra Large (serves 50) $350 (30 Turkey, 40 Ham, 30 Pancetta)


We are offering you the four bestselling sandwiches in Smokehaus history, all conveniently cut in half for sharing and comparing. Featuring the Cajun Finn, the Cold Turkey, Pastrami Mommy, and Sitka Sushi.

Small (serves 5) $57 (1 Cajun Finn, 2 Cold Turkey, 1 Pastrami Mommy, 1 Sitka Sushi)

Medium (serves 10) $113 (2 Cajun Finn, 3 Cold Turkey, 2 Pastrami Mommy, 3 Sitka Sushi)

Large (serves 20) $225 (4 Cajun Finn, 6 Cold Turkey, 4 Pastrami Mommy, 6 Sitka Sushi)

Extra Large (serves 50) $583 (15 Cajun Finn, 15 Cold Turkey, 10 Pastrami Mommy, 10 Sitka Sushi)


Pesky eating habits? We beg to differ. Have our fresh, unique pescatarian platter, brimming with gifts from the land and sea (in sandwich form, of course). This simple platter offers two vibrant choices, but we cut them all in half so your choice should only be which one to eat first: the Sitka Sushi, the Slammin Gordon, or the Fuzzy Bunny.

Small (serves 5) $51 (2 Slammin’ Gordon, 1 Sitka Sushi, 2 Fuzzy Bunny)

Medium (serves 10) $103 (3 Slammin’ Gordon, 3 Sitka Sushi, 4 Fuzzy Bunny)

Large (serves 20) $205 (6 Slammin’ Gordon, 6 Sitka Sushi, 8 Fuzzy Bunny)

Extra Large (serves 50) $513 (15 Slammin’ Gordon, 15 Sitka Sushi, 20 Fuzzy Bunny)


Why do pizzas get to have exclusive rights to the term “meat lovers?” May we make our own humble contribution with a platter of protein for the ages? A hefty platter featuring the Pastrami Mommy, Gorilla, Cold Turkey, and Italiensk.

Small (serves 5) $57 (1 Gorilla, 2 Cold Turkey, 1 Pastrami Mommy, 1 Italiensk)

Medium (serves 10) $115 (2 Gorilla, 3 Cold Turkey, 2 Pastrami Mommy, 3 Italiensk)

Large (serves 20) $229 (4 Gorilla, 6 Cold Turkey, 4 Pastrami Mommy, 6 Italiensk)

Extra Large (serves 50) $548 (15 Gorilla, 15 Cold Turkey, 10 Pastrami Mommy, 10 Italiensk)


Our very popular Haus salad, supersized! Haus-smoked traditional salmon, cilantro, mixed greens, pickled ginger, shredded cabbage, cucumber, tomato, Marcona almonds, sesame oil, wasabi mayo & Sriracha. Nutritious, luxurious and delicious. Gluten Free.

For 5 as an Entrée / 10-15 as a Side: $70


Enjoy fresh, dynamic flavors, critter-free! Mixed greens, cilantro, pickled ginger, shredded cabbage, cucumber, tomato, Marcona almonds, sesame oil, and Sriracha. Nutritious, luxurious and delicious. Gluten Free.

For 5 as an Entrée / 10-15 as a Side: $55


Researching the Chef Salad, we couldn’t help but geek out about this old world title for what has become an American classic. We combine mixed greens with, well, everything, composing a salad for the ages: Berkshire Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast, chunks of local cheddar, morsels of our Smoked Pancetta, cucumbers, red onion, tomato, and your choice of dressing (we recommend the pickle-y, sweet, creamy Russian).

For 5 as an Entrée / 10-15 as a Side: $65

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5 Things: Product Features

Our marketing team has big plans for this new year and new decade, and among them is a goal to spotlight each of our various products on the blog. We hope you’ll enjoy deeper insights into our products—what makes them special and how best to enjoy them.

This week, we’ll direct you toward some of those product features we already have in circulation, beginning with the most recent.

Snack Sticks

From Bison Buddies to Smoked Salmon Buddies, the people love our snack sticks. At full stock, we’re pushing four varieties of these ideal grab-and-go snacks, but we’ve got plans to grow that list.

Eventually, the creative bug will hit Eric and the production team, and we’ll have new snack sticks joining the team, but until then, the above post has everything you need to know (and perhaps some question-fodder for things you want to know) about our sticks.

Natural Wines

The wine list in this blog is a bit out-of-date, given the new-ness of adult beverages in our deli (just barely over half a year), but in the above feature, you’ll find pertinent information about how and why we select our wine offerings. Natural wine is the key—organically and/or biodynamically produced wines with no added sulfites.

If last year is any indicator, you can expect a new line of seasonally-influenced wine choices every few months.

The Fish Basket

The fish basket isn’t all that complicated: your choice of Smokehaus fish in a basket with crackers and cream cheese.

It’s a winning combination, and one of the quickest items prepared by our deli staff—usually your fish basket is ready to serve by the time you’re finished paying for it. However, there are some clever workarounds and customization options that can help you get the fish basket (or smoked lake trout sandwich) of your dreams. Read the above feature to find out more.

Patricia’s Bakery

Patricia, once hired, quickly ascended into the role of baker-extraordinaire. Her sandwich-line skills are admirable (anyone who has enjoyed our Spring Roll sandwich has Patricia to thank), but once she began bringing in cookies, pastries and quick-breads, it was determined that her talents were misplaced.

We thought we had it good when longtime Smokehauser Jerry began making select batches of bread*—now all of the rye, white bread and ciabattas—but with Patricia joining the baking team, we’re now in the awesome position of having artisanal bread baked in-Haus, as well as amazing cookies, pasties, pizzas, scones, and much more available to us every day.

Check out the bakery blog, but really, just check out our selection of baked goods next time you’re in the deli, and ask anyone who’s working if you want to know more about any of the options: we have opinions, we have favorites, we will talk your ears off about which cookie to choose for any occasion.

*Jerry, I know you don’t read this blog, but I miss your rosemary potato rolls and cheddar-chive-chorizo biscuits.

The Adisalad

The Adisalad has been on the menu for just over a year. This ultra-flavorful vegan or pescatarian salad (‘kraut or kimchi, respectively) is the brainchild of Adison—dishwasher, baker, intellectual—who sought a healthier way to refuel at work, without sacrificing flavor. He brought it to Sandwich Lab, and it was so universally commended that we added it to the menu full-time.

We love carbs and fat—they’re our bread and butter—but they’re not always an option. With fresh greens, cabbage, our Haus pickled vegetable medley (daikon radish, carrot, garlic, onion, jalapeño, and more, with an exciting blend of spices), fresh cucumber slices, chopped Marcona almonds, and your choice of kimchi or sauerkraut, the Adisalad packs a punch of flavor and eating it feels like you’re doing your body a favor.

The Next Feature

Next Tuesday (1/21), we’ll have a lot to say in a feature of our newest deli case offering—smoked jerky! This week we snuck two awesome flavors of bison jerky into our meat case, and next week we’ll be adding sockeye salmon jerky to the mix. And that’s just the beginning.

Next 5 Things™, well, we’ll see—Patricia’s been up to a bunch of kitchen mischief with puff pastry dough and Country Pâté, we have impending remodeling of our office and storage spaces, we’ve got a tough-to-find(-in-Minnesota) cheese in our grab-and-go case, and our deli hours will be changing temporarily in February—that blog could go anywhere.

Until then, we love you forever.

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Smoked Meat Gift Guide 2019

We’re back with another gift guide for the upcoming holidays (or any time). Our smoked meat products are darn close to guaranteed hits, whomever is receiving them, but we’ve got some idea fuel for you:

For the bon vivant.

Country Pâté.

Frequently found on charcuterie boards and our Hedonist sandwich, this rich and savory, slow-roasted loaf of pork liver, bacon, brandy and spices is the perfect reminder that it’s good to treat yourself.

For the one who’s always in a hurry.

Snack Sticks.

Cured and seasoned meat—in a stick! What’s not to love?

Send your nomadic friend some fuel on-the-go. Whether it’s our flagship Bison Buddy (with bison and pork), Big Jim hatch chile beef sticks, or the Royale With Cheese bacon-cheeseburger stick, it’s reliable nutrition and a memorable flavor experience.

These are very popular in our deli, so availability varies. Get in touch with us to find out what’s in stock, or to plan ahead.

For the Grill Master.

Smoked Polish Sausage.

One of our oldest products. While this sausage is fully-cooked and ready to eat from cold, it soars when re-cooked over a grill or open flame. Whether its served sliced up cold beside cheese and crackers, or crackling hot and caramelized on a roll with sauerkraut, our Smoked Polish Sausage is exquisite.

For the sports enthusiast.

Summer Sausage.

You either are someone who believes that Sunday is for sports, or you know someone. Our Summer Sausage makes a fantastic snack for the weekly sports gathering, providing tangy, smoky beef and bacon excitement during those interminable commercial breaks. You know the play—send some Summer Sausage to your favorite Sunday sports fan.

For the weekend bruncher.

Smoked Bacon.

The sunshine pouring over you and your loved ones. The boundless conversations and laughter. The endless coffee and mimosas pouring over you and your loved ones. The smell and sound of salty, smoky, thick-sliced pork belly sizzling on your stovetop. Eggs! Oh, the eggs! And potatoes. And more mimosas. Bloody Marys garnished with pickles and cheese cubes and a slice of crispy bacon. (Make sure you’re drinking water too.)

Brunch is power, and there are some people who are destined to wield it. Send that someone in your life some NWS Smoked Bacon and elevate them to the next level.

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5 Things: August 23rd, 2019

Summer isn’t over yet, but the morning air is crisper, and the pace of life is slowing down. The tall ships have come and gone, the flood of students is just beginning to trickle into town. Walking past our deli, it may not always appear this way, but life is on the calmer side, at least for a few weeks.

But that doesn’t mean life at the Smokehaus is any less interesting.

We have new faces in the deli.


For those keeping score, over the past few weeks we’ve steadily mentioned that we’re hiring, and as a result, we already have a handful of new staff training in. I’d caution the world to be patient with and/or kind to them, since they are new and the pace of our little deli can be overwhelming, but they’re already performing like seasoned veterans.

Labor Day Mail Order Sale.

Labor Daybor

Beginning August 26th, we’re running a mail order special: 20% off your cart (online only) when you enter the discount code bluecollar. The sale runs through Labor Day (9/2). However, if you want your food to arrive in time for Labor Day weekend celebrations, place your order by Tuesday, August 27th—those orders will be shipped on Wednesday (8/28) and arrive by Friday (8/30). Otherwise, you can schedule your shipping date for whenever you’d like. Pro-tip: this is the best mail order sale of the year, so if you know exactly what you want to order for Fall and Winter holidays, this is a good time to do it.

Speaking of Mail Order, here’s our updated holiday shipping schedule.

Bookmark this page as an easy reference when ordering for holidays, and you’ll be guaranteed to get your orders at the perfect interval for gifting or entertaining. Become the master of your own destiny; know for yourself exactly when to place orders, and when to have them shipped for best results.

Monday night D&D returns to The Midnight Axe.

Images unrelated.

The Summer season of our unofficial office Dungeons and Dragons crew is coming to a close with a short adventure tying us back into our ongoing campaign, right before our DM heads on an extended vacation, leaving us to fend for ourselves.

This Summer, we set our main campaign to the side, in order to focus on a handful of smaller, unconnected adventures. Not only did this allow each of us to test out a number of character ideas, and novel settings, but it also gave us time to miss our main characters, as distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

“The Midnight Axe” is the name—generated by rolling percentile dice against a chart of fantasy party names—of our primary party. When we’re not embroiled in a scavenger hunt for a cache of money embezzled long ago from the treasury of the Manhattan-esque city of Waterdeep, and avoiding/averting the frequent pitfalls of gangs whose rivalry we earned incidentally, we’re just trying to earn a mostly-honest living running a tavern called The Malt Solstice. However, some way or another, we’ve gained some notoriety as adventurers—and it’s drawn some public interest.

In our session on Monday, Harrison (our Dungeon Master) presented each of us with three characters (shout out to Harrison for developing fifteen character concepts in a single weekend) who are looking, for one reason or another, to join our ranks. This coming session, we’ll be embarking on a mission with our chosen secondary characters to discover their strengths, and how they’ll fit into our adventuring party. Perhaps they’ll join us on the front lines, perhaps they’ll stick around headquarters and craft potions nonstop, perhaps they’ll alternate between venturing into the Undermountain (where our campaign has us heading) and providing security at the Malt Solstice. Only time will tell.

Character biographies forthcoming.

Patricia’s corner.

Let’s get personal.

Let’s get one thing straight: Any week that there are not five immediately obvious other Things™ to talk about, Patricia is going to get a nod. Ever since she moved to full-time baking, we’ve become accustomed to carrying an assortment of cookies—chocolate chip, ginger, peanut butter curry, carrot cake cookie sandwiches with honey cream cheese, coconut macaroons (which are gluten-free*), and most recently chocolate walnut flourless cookies (also gluten-free**)—pasties, cheddar crackers, savory scones, and even personal pizzas. This week’s pizza featured smoked bacon, blackberries, and chèvre, and her pizza sauce, in general, is composed of the odds-and-ends bits of tomato from the morning’s prep.

That’s honestly one of the best things about Patricia’s approach to baking for NWS—by utilizing more parts of the foods we use, we generate substantially less waste as a business, which improves our model of sustainability (not to mention profitability) overall, and in the process, we end up with these delicious, fan-favorite items in our deli

*/**: It’s worth noting that these are not baked in a completely gluten-free environment. In terms of ingredients, they are entirely gluten-free, but those at serious risk should be aware of the chance of cross-contamination.

I got to observe production of Country Pâté.


Compiling recipes for the cookbook is great fun, but not without its challenges. In addition to needing to massively scale down some recipes—we’re operating under the assumption you’ll never need to make one-hundred pounds of Smoked Whitefish at home—other recipes in our own workbooks lack, well, instruction.

Country pâté, for example, is just a list of ingredients, which our skilled production crew understands how to massage—eh, grind—into the savory loaves we all love. Brandt happened to catch me during a fresh air break yesterday to let me know he was making it.

Seeing that static list of ingredients—browned bacon and onion; Berkshire liver, pork and back fat; brandy; cure; rosemary and thyme; etc.—ground once and then half again (to achieve the preferred inconsistent consistency), mixed with what could reasonably pass as TLC, and packaged to chill overnight before being packed into loaf pans and slow-cooked, was enlightening, and proof that someone needs to write down those steps, because there’s a lot of them. If not for our own benefit, certainly for the book.

Once again, I’d like to give a public shout-out to the smokers for the sheer volume of high-quality product they consistently churn out.

I’ve done it again. Yesterday, I stared at my week’s notes and wondered, “which five Things™ am I going to write about? Are there five Things™ that may intrigue or inspire our readership(?),” and here I am, writing Thing™ six-and-a-half. I hope you’re happy.

We hope to see you in our deli this weekend—whether you wait in line, or skip the line via pickup —or your name and address in our delivery system. If you’re going to be near Canal Park/Downtown, make sure you bring ear protection, because the Tribute Fest will be rocking hard.

Stay tuned in the next handful of weeks for some new sandwich options—including your blogger’s own contribution to the Sandwich Lab specials—and exciting collaborations.

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Product Feature: Beer, cider, and wine. Oh my!

We’ve added beer, cider, and wine to our menu. It only took us just about twenty-one years to do it—fitting, given the federal minimum age limit for purchasing alcohol.

All of our beer inventory is locally and regionally sourced, seasonally appropriate, and reasonably priced ($10 for Hoops Brewing crowlers, $6 for 16 oz craft beer/cider, $4 for PBR pounders). Whatever you’re getting to eat, any of these beers and ciders is going to be a great match.

We’ve carefully curated a tight selection of four natural wines—organically farmed and crafted without additives—available by the glass and by the bottle, with recorking service available.

Since folks are perennially interested in pairing advice, here’s a primer of our suggested pairings for each of the wines. However, beverage pairing is subjective, and any of these will go well with whatever sandwich/salad/salami basket sounds good to you.

Vinho Verde – Vale do Homem, Quintas do Homem, 2017.

This green-hued (hence the name) estate-bottled wine comes from a family-owned winery in northern Portugal and features a blend of Loureiro and Arinto, the two best indigenous grapes of the region.

Light bodied, with citrus and green apple notes and a slight effervescence, it is great alongside the Cold Turkey, Sitka Sushi, Slammin’ Gordon, and the NWS Salad, or with our dry-cured pepperoni or Spanish-style chorizo.

$5 BTG / $20 BTB

Rosé – Réserve de la Saurine, Lauduan Chusclan, 2018.

Grown on the gravelly banks of the Ceze River in southern France, this blend of Grenache and Cinsault grapes is light, crisp, and dry, with bright, crushed berry fruit. 

We suggest this wine alongside the savory flavor palates of our flagship Cajun Finn and Silence of the Lambwich sandwiches, as well as our mainstay veggie sandwich, the Fuzzy Bunny. Try it with our smoked ham and porketta as well.

$5 BTG / $20 BTB

White – Le P’tit Blanc, Clos du Tue-Boeuf, 2017.

The Loire Valley, where this vineyard is situated, has been a seat of wine production since the 1st century CE. Winemakers in this region are esteemed for their organic, biodynamic and natural winemaking processes. This white features a blend of Sauvignon Blanc with a little Chardonnay, and a complex palate of stone fruit, mineral, and citrus.

This wine is a perfect pair with just about everything we make and retail, but we recommend it especially with the Phoebe, Pork Lion, and Hedonist sandwiches, and alongside our smoked lake trout and salmon. Though it is perhaps a bit too on-the-nose, this wine also highlights the notes of Chardonnay in our Saucisson Sec.

$7 BTG / $30 BTB

Red – La Grume Beaujolais-Villages, or “La Grume”, Domaine de la Grume, 2016.

This soft and versatile red comes from a tiny winery in central France. It’s made from 100% Gamay Noir grapes and has a core of blackberry fruit, laced with bright cherry and minerality.

Pair it with buttery, savory sandwiches like the Banh Faux Mi, Squealy Dan and DeWitt-Seitzer. It’s truly a delight alongside our country pâté, smoked Berkshire ham, and any of our dry-cured salumi.

$6 BTG / $23 BTB

Have you tried any of our beers, ciders, or wines alongside our foods? Have any favorite pairings to share? Let us know in the comments, or tag us in a post on your social media. This is all new and exciting for us, and we’re dying to hear about your experience!